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Winter car care can help ensure safe driving

Winter car care can help ensure safe driving.

Proper winter car care can mean the difference between safe driving and catastrophe.

 Preventative winter car care can help ensure safe driving.
Preventative winter car care can help ensure safe driving.

From exterior washing to paint preservation to ice prevention, using the diligent precautionary practices can eliminate potential inclement weather issues and ensure as much as possible efficient, problem-free travel.

Mike Kahn on his lifestyle website provides a detailed, step-by-step checklist to take proper measures when you travel in cold weather or other climate issues — hail, frost, snow and rain — or a mixture of several problematic elements.

In one example, Kahn describes the best way to persevere your vehicle includes spraying your car’s exterior as well as its undercarriage. There are also sections on tidying up the interior to many recommended products for getting the job.

Other topics include: waterless washing and recommend products as well as traditional car washing techniques for the exterior including tires, wheels and rims.

Interior car cleaning is also discussed in detail, including recommended products and the benefits using rubber mats to save the carpet, particularly during winter months.

Another benefit of proper winter care care is the overall health of the vehicle. Whether you decide to sell it in a year, 10 years or 20 years, if the vehicle is proper maintained, it will likely remain at the top-end of its used car value.

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