Do You Know About This Borgata Atlantic City Parking Hack?

Michael James

Do You Know About This Borgata Atlantic City Parking Hack

Are you gearing up for a visit to the vibrant Borgata Atlantic City but dreading the thought of navigating the notorious parking challenges? Driving around Atlantic City, known for its bustling streets and lively boardwalk, can be daunting, especially for newcomers. The city’s layout, frequent events, and seasonal tourist influx often lead to congested roads and scarce parking spaces.

Are you familiar with Atlantic City’s parking hack? Although some casinos charge for parking, others provide it for free. This charge sometimes increases, particularly on weekends and during big events. Were you aware that there is an inexpensive option to park in the garage of your choosing?

Do You Know About This Borgata Atlantic City Parking Hack

Whether you’re a regular at the casino, a first-time tourist, or in town for a special event, these insider tips will help you navigate the often-overlooked aspects of parking in this bustling area. Say goodbye to parking woes and hello to a smoother, more enjoyable Atlantic City experience!

It’s the Borgata parking hack! But let’s first talk about the general information regarding Borgata’s parking, including fees, valet parking, etc.

Borgata Parking Fee & Other Details

Situated 60 miles east of Philadelphia and 120 miles to the south of NYC, Borgata and MGM Tower enjoy a superb East Coast position. Also, Borgata’s parking lot is one of the most spacious parking lots at AC casinos, with over 4,500 parking spaces for cars. The AC International Airport is about 20 minutes away, and transportation by rail, bus, car, and flight is simple.

Valet parking is available at Borgata for $10 a visit. Free valet parking is available to all Noir, Platinum, Gold, and MVP members of MGM Rewards 7 days a week. For Pearl members of MGM Rewards, valet parking costs $5. Additionally, parking is available to patrons for $5 per visit at the North Entrance Surface Parking Lot or the self-park garage. Free self-parking is available to all Noir, Platinum, Gold, Pearl, and MVP members of MGM Rewards.

Borgata has complimentary automobile charging stations for visitors at the MGM Tower Valet (2 Tesla Destination chargers) and Borgata Valet (6 chargers). All that guests need to do is let the issuer of a valet ticket know that they want their car to be charged. In case of an emergency, Borgata always advises visitors to have a charger of their own.

Do You Know About This Borgata Atlantic City Parking Hack

Let’s Talk about the Parking Hack

Parking at the Borgata’s surface lot outside costs about $5. To drive into the Borgata lot, pay the $5, and get your receipt, which is crucial. In Atlantic City, you may park in a different casino’s lot again with a parking receipt up to six in the morning. Visitors may visit two casinos in a single day without having to pay two parking fees according to an Atlantic City practice.

And that’s the hack, basically all there is to it. Do you not want to pay more to park in the garage of a beachfront casino? You may enter the Borgata surface lot for only $5.

Have you already tried this? We’ve tried it many times and have never been turned down.

Article Last Updated: November 22, 2023.

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