#208, 2021 LA Auto Show debrief, hydrogen woes, new RV

James Raia

The new Fisker Ocean was unveiled at the LA Auto Show.

After a 10-day public run and a two-day media preview, the LA Auto Show ended Nov. 28. It was the industry’s first major show since the beginning of the Covid-1 pandemic. The Weekly Driver Podcast was on site to take in the sights and sounds.

Co-host Bruce Aldrich and I drove from Sacramento to Los Angeles round-trip in a 2020 Hyundai Nexo. Despite being two years old, the hydrogen-propelled SUV had been driven only about 1,500 miles. We added another 900 miles, give or take a few miles.

The LA Auto Show this year showcased many concept cars. All image © Bruce Aldrich/2021
The LA Auto Show this year showcased many concept cars. All images © Bruce Aldrich/2021

In this episode of the podcast, we review the highlights and lowlights of the show. We discuss our experiences in the Nexo. And we abruptly switch topics in the second half of the episode to discuss the experience Bruce and his wife Alene had in the maiden voyage in their new Ford F-250 pickup truck and its fifth wheel companion, a Keystone Cougar recreational vehicle.

LA Auto Show: Hydrogen Horrors

To close the podcast, Bruce also reviews his experience with Alene attending a parade in nearby Elk Grove to celebrate the NASCAR national championship of Kyle Larsen. He was raised in the community and it recently honored his accomplishment with an old-style, downtown parade.

As co-hosts of the podcast for more than four years, Bruce and I share similar opinions about most automotive topics. We agreed the LA Auto Show’s major emphasis was on the future of electric cars and trucks. Our observations meshed also in the low-key atmosphere of this year’s show as well as thoughts on the always-speculative nature of concept vehicles.

LA Auto Show: RVs and Concepts

One exception to our often like-minded automotive opinions: Bruce thought our experience driving a hydrogen vehicle proved the idea has major issues and is unlikely to succeed. I still maintain hydrogen has a future in the automotive market despite its drawbacks. We had our share of difficulties refueling.

VinVast, the first Vietnamese carmaker set to distribute vehicles in the United States, showcased it pending offering at the LA Auto Show.
VinVast, the first Vietnamese carmaker set to distribute vehicles in the United States, showcased it pending offerings at the LA Auto Show.

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Article Last Updated: December 1, 2021.

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