#202, Joe Wiesenfelder of Cars.com talks future of EVs

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Will the Tesla Cybertruck ever debut?
Joe Wiesenfelder is the executive editor of Cars.com and he’s immersed in the future of EVs — electric vehicles. According to the website’s recent data, about one-third of car buyers are actively looking to purchase their first electric vehicle. But many questions remain with the anticipated growth. Wiesenfelder and his colleagues are counting on it. Wiesenfelder is our guest on this episode of The Weekly Driver Podcast.
The Rivian Concept electric trucks and SUV are potential competitors for Tesla and were featured at the LA Auto Show.
Rivian and it electric trucks and SUVs are potential competitors for Tesla and are part of the new segment of EVs entering the automative marketplace. Images © James Raia.

EVs: Marketplace will expand

Co-host Bruce Aldrich and I discuss with the long-time journalist the future of the electric vehicle market and the goal of Cars.com to assist consumers with their buying decisions. “Cars.com bought its first plug-ins a decade ago, a Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt, and we have since continued to evaluate scores of other electric models,” Wiesenfelder said. “Expanding beyond just how the cars drive, we live with EVs and test the range, as well as the cost and setup associated with home charging.” “With all the buzz surrounding EVs, our team will cover everything from charging setup and other considerations to our thoughts on some of the more popular EVs.”
The Tesla Model X, which debuted in 2015, has had reliability issues.
The Tesla Model X, which debuted in 2015, is part of  current leader among EVs.
Electric vehicle information comprises only about five percent of the current searches on Cars.com. But by its calculations, more than 100 new options are expected to join the market in the next five years.

EVs: West Coast Growth Expected

The EV market share is predicted to grow, notably Cars.com believes, in Denver, Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Francisco and Seattle. With the pending market expansion, Cars.com hosted a live webinar: Guide For The EV Curious, on Oct. 28. We interviewed Wiesenfelder before the event, but his thoughts on the industry are relevant anytime.

EVs: Buying, Leasing, Charging

With other editors and contributors to the publication, Wiesenfelder discussed the rise in consumers’ interest in EVs, buying/leasing EVs, charging barriers and the most popular new EV makes and models. According to Cars.com, local dealerships also have to prepare to meet demand. Currently, only 37 percent of local dealerships are selling electric vehicles, while 63 percent are actively planning for EV sales, service and training. On Cars.com 41 percent of new car dealers listed inventory of new electric vehicles.

EVs: Uncertainty Remains

“On Cars.com, searches for EVs have almost doubled since last year — however, sales of EVs are growing at a slower rate,” said Wiesenfelder “There’s no doubt that consumer interest in EVs is growing, especially as more major automakers commit to the category and offer more SUV and pickup truck options for shoppers, but to the average person, uncertainty still exists.” All of the cars.com podcasts: The Weekly Driver Podcast encourages and appreciates feedback from our listeners. Please forward episode links to family, friends and colleagues. And you are welcome to repost links from the podcast to your social media accounts. Please send comments and suggestions for new episodes to James Raia via email: [email protected]. Every episode is also available on your preferred podcast platform. All episodes are also archived via the link: www.theweeklydriver.com/twd-podcast.
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Article Last Updated: August 2, 2023.

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