Road rules and rage: should you drive more defensively?

Michael James


Driving defensively is one of the best ways to stay safe on the road. It ensures you’re doing everything you can to follow the law, and it lays any fault in an accident on the other driver However, drivers who have gotten used to driving can find it mundane and develop bad habits.

Drivers can forget from when they learned to drive and thus make unfortunate mistakes. It’s a good reminder to drive defensively. Here’s a refresher tips list:


Knowing the rules of the rules road and driving defensivelyy is smart.
Knowing the rules of the road and driving defensively is smart.

Have You Had Close Calls While Driving?

Having a close call can be unnerving. If it’s occurred recently, revisit your past year of driving. Consider the potential severity of the occasion and how to avoid future difficulties.

Also, consider the leading causes of car accidents. If the reasons are pertinent to your driving habits, driving more defensively is recommended. Additionally, taking driving lessons to refresh your knowledge and improve your safety while driving.

Have You Been Driving for a Long Time?

If you’ve been driving for at least 10 years, consider refreshing your understating of the rules of the road. Experienced drivers may not be knowledgeable of new or updated rules and regulations.

Driving defensively can save lives.
Driving defensively can save lives.

If you’ve been driving without thinking about what you may not know or laws have been updated, you might be doing yourself a disservice. Being an older and or an experienced driver doesn’t mean being a more dangerous driver, but it’s wise to know how the driving landscape is changing.

How Far Do You Tend to Drive?

Driving for a long time (technically defined as more than one hour) can be dangerous. Drivers can get easily tired, even during the daytime. When you’ve got a long journey ahead, pulling over to stop and rest is essential. Indeed.

A break for at least 15 minutes for every 90 minutes behind the week is a good way to practice defensive driving. Drives can rest their eyes, have a snack, have something to drink and re-focus.

To reiterate, driving defensively is the best approach to driving. Be aware of the best safety practices and how they may have recently changed.

Article Last Updated: September 23, 2021.

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