Tips for keeping new drivers in your family safe

James Raia

New drivers should study and practice safe driving tips to improve their skills.


Many young new drivers experience a feeling of freedom. They no longer have to rely on family or friends for lifts to work or to public transportation locations. They’re on their own.

But families of beginning drivers should lend support and keep a watchful eye.

New drivers should study and practice safe driving tips to improve their skills.
New drivers should study and practice safe driving tips to improve their skills.

Here are some tips for keeping new drivers safe in your family:

Encourage Them To Not Be Boastful

Passing a first driver’s test marks an achievement often not forgotten. But with new confidence, sometimes eager rookie drivers take risks. Commonsense practices like keeping both hands on the wheel and adhering to speed limits are forgotten.

New drivers should be reminded that a cavalier attitude isn’t wise. The consequences can be tragic. No one is invincible to having their license revoked or suspended if they’re stopped by law enforcement and cited for driving dangerously. Experienced drivers should remind new drivers who sometimes become too risky when driving that cautious driving is smart driving.

Drive With New Drivers Regularly

It’s important to regularly accompany new drivers. An experienced driver can provide comfort and encouragement to inexperienced drivers. Experienced drivers as passengers should also observe how new drivers are progressing. A veteran driver can observe any developing bad habits of a new driver who may be dangerously driving and help them correct any issues.

Get The Best Insurance Possible

Obtaining the right insurance as a new driver is essential. Accidents are never expected, but if they occur insurance will mitigate the issue without extraordinary expenses.

Shopping for the best insurance value is important. But the cheapest car insurance for teens sometimes doesn’t include the proper coverage. Make sure all of the essential insurance coverage is included in the policy.

Continue Teaching Them Road Safety

A new driver may also need to be reminded of potential dangers on the road. Even the safest drivers can be involved in accidents, so a veteran driver can teach the new driver to maintain safety practices while also be conscious of fellow drivers.


Article Last Updated: December 3, 2020.

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