#184, Monterey Auto Week is back including memorabilia

James Raia

Vintage memorabilia will return to Monterey Auto Week.

Monterey Auto Week. Monterey Car Week. Classic Car Week. By any name, the now nearly two-week presentation of all things automotive will be back in mid-August.

After a one-year hiatus because of the Covid-19 pandemic, most of the usual annual attractions — shows to auctions, speakers’ forums to memorabilia — will unfold throughout the Monterey Peninsula.

Andrew Herrala and Kim Foxx own Ferrari Literature and will organize this year's editiom memorabilia show during Momterey Auto Week.
Andrew Herrala and Kim Foxx own Ferrari Literature and will also organize this year’s memorabilia show during Monterey Auto Week. Images © James Raia/2019

Recently approved as an indoor show, the Automobilia Pop-Up Show, with a new one-year-only husband-wife organization team, will be held Aug. 10-11 at Embassy Suites in Seaside.

Monterey Auto Week Is Back

While long-time show organizer Everett Anton “Tony” Singer (www.vintageautoposters.com) continues plans for a full-field 2022 return, Andrew Herrala and his wife Kim Foxx will coordinate this year’s edition. It will include about 25 vendors of memorabilia — hood ornaments to owner manuals, vintage scale models to apparel, books to keychains.

Herrala is my guest this week on The Weekly Driver Podcast. Co-host Bruce Aldrich is on vacation, but my guest, a Ferrari memorabilia expert, and I discuss all things auto memorabilia.

Herrala and Foxx own Ferrari Literature (www.ferrariliterature.com). It caters to owners of the Italian supercar seeking the vehicles’ often rare paperwork as well as a kaleidoscope of other Ferrari-related stuff.

We discuss the increased interest in automotive memorabilia and how interest changes in different parts of the country. We talk about fraud in auto memorabilia collecting and how the industry changed during the pandemic.

Robert Carter, who creates large-sized automobile-themed paintings, in his studio in Chico, California, will return to Monterey Auto Week.
Robert Carter, who creates large-sized automobile-themed paintings, in his studio in Chico, California, will return to Monterey Auto Week.

As a long-time freelance writer for the Monterey Herald, I first interviewed Herrala two years ago, the first year the memorabilia event had expanded to three days.

“We have factory, original printed literature for Ferraris,” Herrala said on the show’s opening day in 2019. “You can get some of this stuff online, but you have to be careful it’s authentic. Some guys are real sticklers. If you have a ’65 car, you don’t want a ’67 manual. You want all the details perfect.”

Herrala has been involved with Ferrari for years and has owned several of the supercars. He’s traveled to memorabilia shows around the country. Pouches, brochures, manuals, dealer directories, posters, books, parts and tools, posters, yearbooks and other collectibles are all offered beginning from 1947 models.

While smaller this year, many of the regular vendors will be back, including Robert Carter, who owns Carter Artworks.

Carter’s paintings, which range from $5,000 to $20,000 are often sold to museums, restaurants, homeowners and, of course, vintage car owners. He also sells limited edition posters.

“I did fruit labels for about 12 years,” Carter in 2019. “I was still a motorcycle nut and into cars, so one day I just took a fruit truck label and instead of oranges, and put a Ferrari in there. It looked much better. This (a painting of a red Ferrari) is the best canned tomato label you’ll ever see.”

Please join me for comprehensive 30 minutes all about automotive memorabilia on episode #184 of The Weekly Driver Podcast.

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Article Last Updated: June 16, 2021.

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