#183, Fun Father’s Day gifts for car fans

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A 1959 Bug is the subjsct of new offering from Respoke Collection.

Proud car owners aren’t often at a loss for words. It’s part of the enjoyment of sharing artwork of wheels. The artists at Respoke Collection offer another way to showcase a favorite machine or a showroom full of automobiles or motorcycles.

Forward a quality image online to the company’s online presence, and it will return a vehicle rendering on canvas or on paper in dimensions as large as 24×36. It’s an ideal, unique Father’s Day gift for the car collector in the family.

A 1959 Bug is the subjsct of new offering from Respoke Collection.
A 1959 Bug is the subject of a new offering from Respoke Collection.

On this episode of The Weekly Driver Podcast, co-hosts Bruce Aldrich and James Raia discuss Father’s Day gifts for auto enthusiasts.

We start with the Respoke Collection.

According to the website, here’s how the idea works: Find the best photo of the car you’re looking to print. The image can be taken from any angle but with clear quality and lighting.A new book on the history of the Ford Model T is an ideal Father’s Day gift.

Respoke Collection’s designers will recreate a detailed illustration. Customers approve the rendering with unlimited revisions from printing on canvas or poster. All pieces include hanging hardware and an acrylite front protector. Framed posters feature black frames made from semi-hardwood alder wood. Canvas prints have oak frames.

All artwork is made in the United States. Company response occurs within 24 hours with a three-day turnaround on designs. Secure checkout is done via Shopify. Visit: respokecollection.com for sizes and various collections.

We also discuss several books perfect for Father’s Day, June 20. Here’s a synopsis of a few gift options:

Here are three other Father’s Day gift ideas for automotive enthusiasts:

A new book on the hisory of the Ford Model T is an ideal Father's Day book.
A new book on the history of the Ford Model T is an ideal Father’s Day book.

* Chas Parker is a long-time motor racing enthusiast and veteran motorsports and historic racing car author. He has a new title: Ford Model T an Enthusiast’s Guide 1908 to 1927.

The model T, according to the book’s marketing, transformed American society. It brought mobility through car ownership to millions of middle-class Americans when horses and the railroad were previously the only viable means of transportation.

The author, who has also has written about Jaguar, Buggati and Lola, among other topics, explains how arguably the most influential car in history was made on assembly lines. An estimated 16.5 million model Ts were made between 1908 and 1927. The 160-page book includes more than 220 images.

Carmaker Henry Ford’s legacy was astonishing. By 1918, half of the cars built in American were Model Ts. About 8,000 made daily. The selection of body styles varied from two-and four-seat open and closed models – tourers, town cars, runabouts, landaulets, cabriolets, vans and pick-up trucks.

The iconic vehicle’s racing history and the restoration projects of three England-based Model T owners provide more further context of the car’s importance. Visit: www.quartoknows.com or online booksellers.

BMW has a new line of sunglasses.
BMW has a new line of sunglasses.

* Vehicle technology is ever-advancing, but it has drawbacks. Navigation systems and other infotainment visuals aren’t always legible with polarization and other eyewear features. The new BMW Eyewear Drop Collection is optimized with a polarization filter. It allows clear views of LCD screen map road signs and other environment details pending on the road.

Developed by Dalloz Creations, the sunglasses, launched this summer, are integrated with Vi/ON lenses. They reduce the polarization filter and protect again intense forms of glare.

A wide range of modern and easy-to-wear men’s and unisex models are available and are offered with the BMW community and followers in mind. They’re sunglasses for drivers. Styles range from sporty to youthful, with racing-inspired color-block combinations and dynamic profiles. Visit: www.shopbmwusa.com.

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Article Last Updated: June 13, 2021.

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