Carvana offers good slot odds in Las Vegas on used cars

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Carvana sells used cars an vending machines in 28 locations around the United States.

A vending machine isn’t a slot machine. But almost anything goes in Las Vegas, so why not spend thousands of dollars in a vending machine in Sin City? You can buy a used car.

Less than a month ago, Carvana, the online used auto company opened another of its e-commerce locations, its first in Nevada. It’s the newest location for the company’s “vending machine” approach.

Carvana sells used cars an vending machines in 28 locations around the United States.
Carvana sells used cars in vending machines in 28 locations around the United States.

Via its location in an 11-story glass tower, located at 3720 Morgan Cashman’s Way, off I-15 south between Spring Mountain and Flamingo Blvd., customers can observe various vehicles for sale.

If a customer decides to purchase a vehicle, they can have the car delivered to pick it up at the vending machine.

Carvana offers good odds in Las Vegas

If the buyer chooses the latter option, a Carvana representative will present the person with a commemorative Carvana coin upon arrival. The buyer then can insert the hockey-puck-size coin into the machine. The version in Las Vegas resembles a sleek, modern slot machine.

“The car vending machine, a structure which we’ve become known for, is something we’re excited to bring to Vegas, with a new spin on it with the slot machine aspect,” a Carvana spokeswoman told the Las Vegas Review newspaper. “You can insert the coin into the slot machine, pull the lever, and that will activate the vending process.”

Carvana has nearly 30 car-purchasing vending machines around the country. The Las Vegas location is the only car-selling machine with a slot machine approach. The tower can hold as many as 39 cars.

The slot machine element, O’Hara noted, is only offered in Las Vegas. Its tower can hold up to 39 cars.

Carvana, based in Arizona, debuted its vending machine concept in Nashville in 2015.

Since then, the company has expanded to dozens of locations: The car vending machine is the first of its kind in Nevada and the 28th nationwide.

“Just like the excitement of hitting the jackpot, Carvana customers get a front-row seat to watch their vehicle descending through the brightly lit structure from the heart of the all-glass tower,” Carvana told the newspaper.

Here are the current Carvana vending machine locations: Atlanta, GA; Austin, TX; Birmingham, AL; Bridgeville, PA; Charlotte, NC; Frisco, TX; Gaithersburg, MD; Greensboro, NC; Houston, TX; Indianapolis, IN; Jacksonville, FL; Las Vegas, NV; Kansas City, MO; Miami, FL; Memphis, TN.

Nashville, TN, North Versailles, PA; Oak Brook, IL; Oklahoma City, OK; Ontario, CA; Orlando, FL; Philadelphia, PA; Raleigh, NC; San Antonio, TX; Tampa, FL; Tempe, AZ; Warrensville Heights, OH; Westminster, CA.

Article Last Updated: March 19, 2021.

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