#152, Jonathan Pierce of Harman gives good sound advice

James Raia

A new Harmon consumer store in Munich, Germany.

The next time you hear the quality of the auto system in your vehicle, it’s likely Johnathan Pierce of Harman had something to do with it.

Pierce, Senior Manager of Global Experiential R&D for Car Audio at Harman, leads a team of scientist and engineer colleagues. They “apply research and robust measurement techniques to further understand the relationship between an artist’s intent and listener preference.”

A new Harman consumer store in Munich, Germany.
A new Harman consumer store in Munich, Germany.

In other words, Pierce oversees a Harman team that ensures you get what you pay for when you invest in an expensive sound system.

Harman expert helps Cadillac, Lincoln

Pierce has most notably has been responsible for the 3D Revel in Lincoln and Cadillac’s new AKG system. It replaced Cadillac’s 30-year partnership with Bose.

Pierce is our guest on this week’s episode of The Weekly Driver Podcast.

Co-host James Raia is the sole interviewer this week. Bruce Aldrich, the podcast’s co-host and producer is on vacation.



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In a wide-ranging interview, Pierce discusses what makes a premium audio system better than a stock system. He explains why one top-end brand is better than a competitor. And he details when sound system marketing is worthy or overblown public relations.

We also talk about what a consumer should listen for while testing an audio system. Ande Pierceshares his favorite songs to test a new system.

Harman makes sound sound better

Please join me for an informative episode with the renowned automotive audio expert from Harman.

It may not exactly be music to your ears, but it’s a comprehensive 30 minutes for anyone who appreciates listening to a sound system while driving or as a vehicle passenger.

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Article Last Updated: October 15, 2020.

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