#136, Prof. Brian Marks talks cars, Covid-19

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Brian Marks is the Executive Director of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program at the University of New Haven in West Haven, Conn. He has a Ph.D. in Economics, a law degree, several additional titles and plenty of academic responsibilities.

Marks’ opinions are thought-provoking and concisely address the COVID-19 and how it has and will continue to affect the automotive world.

While covering many areas of the industry, Marks is our guest this week on The Weekly Driver Podcast.

Co-hosts Bruce Aldrich and James Raia, continuing our social- distancing podcast, speak with Marks from Bruce’s backyard in Sacramento, California. Our guest joins us from his basement office in Connecticut.

How has COVID-19 changed the auto landscape?

How will buyers’ habits change? How will autonomous driving move forward? As the COVID-19 restrictions lift, will the workforce retain its current collective home office practices? Or will commuting, highway congestion and other pre-virus driving dilemmas quickly return?

Marks believes buyers’ preferences, shared driving platforms, business models and public transportation will all remain unlike it they were prior to the health crisis. And the industry will remain different for the foreseeable future.

Join us for Episode #136 of The Weekly Driver Podcast as we welcome an expert who presents a healthy dose of practical expertise on how COVID-19 is affecting the automotive industry.

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