#132, ValChoice goal: insurance trust

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Dan Karr, CEO ValChoice.com, began his insurance analysis company in early 2016 in the aftermath of a near tragedy.

A former Silicon Valley executive and avid cyclist, Karr suffered a near-fatal accident with a motorist in 2014 and endured a long legal battle with insurance companies.

Dan Karr is CEO of ValChoice.com, a insurance company analytics company.
Dan Karr is CEO of ValChoice.com, an insurance company analytics company.

Karr eventually won his case and recouped his financial losses. But the frustration of what he thought was a relationship with good insurance providers prompted the publication of his book, “Injured Money.”

Independent Insurance Transparency

The enduring scenario further resulted in his current company. Its motto: Independent. Unbiased. Trusted.

Karr is our guest on this week’s episode of The Weekly Driver Podcast. Co-hosts Bruce Aldrich and James Raia talk with our guest about the mission of ValChoice.com.

” I vowed to fix this problem,” Karr writes on the bio page of his company’s website.  “I vowed to apply my technology background to make sure no other family ever experience the same thing my family went through.”

The analytics company’s goal is insurance company transparency in its automotive and home insurance. It rates companies on customer service, claims payment records and price.

As Karr explains, the data used is compiled from a comprehensive list of companies, large and small.

We also discuss with Karr how the insurance industry and its customers are conducting business during the coronavirus pandemic.

According to a report in the San Jose Mercury, Karr’s company was compared by Forbes as “something akin to Carfax vehicle background reports.”

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