Electric trucks new RV towing choices

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The Rivian Electric pickup truck has a 400-mile and eliminates range anxiety.

Recreational vehicle owners seeking new options for towing will have electric trucks among new choices. New EV trucks in all shapes and sizes made by several long-established manufacturers as well as new companies will debut in the next few years.

General Motors is latest to announce a pending electric truck, according to the industry publication Car and Driver. The yet-to-be-named Chevrolet truck is predicted to debut in 2025 and could provide another example of the continuing trend of buyers opting for trucks and RVs instead of sedans.

The Rivian Concept pick-up truck and SUV are potential competitors for Tesla and were featured at the LA Auto Show.
The Rivian Concept electric trucks and SUV are potential competitors for Tesla and were featured at the LA Auto Show. Images © James Raia/2018

Chevrolet, which revealed concept sketches of the pending truck, reports the electric truck won’t be identical to the recent announcement of the electric GMC Hummer.

Electric trucks mean competition

The Ford F-150 electric, Tesla Cybertruck, Rivian R1T, Bollinger B2, the Lordstown Motors Endurance are all predicted to debut within the next few years. The Hummer EV SUT will debut in the fall of 2021.

While the Hummer is being billed as a lifestyle vehicle, the new Chevy truck is expected to more resemble a traditional truck with an emphasis on utility.

According to media reports, the new Chevy truck will feature a new electric-vehicle platform that allows the company to stack battery modules two high.

Fitting 24 modules between the frame and under the body results in a battery pack that can store as much as 200.0 kWh of electricity and will provide the truck with a 300-mile range. Tesla vehicles peak at 100.0 kWh.

Even Chevrolet will offer an Electric Truck

Chevrolet is also planning to debut an electric crossover in 2025 as part of GM’s eleven-vehicle onslaught. Like its pending electric pickup, the planned electric crossover hasn’t yet been named and neither of the vehicles has been priced.

Rivian and Bollinger have promoted their pending electric trucks for the past two years, notably at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Rivian hasn’t revealed much, but its trucks and corresponding all-electric SUV have been marketed as performance-oriented, long-range vehicles. We also spoke with Robert Bollinger, CEO of Bollinger Motors and founder of the country’s most unique electric trucks.

Bollinger has provided some details of its utilitarian B1 Electric Sport Utility Truck and B2 Electric Pickup Truck. Both are currently in pre-production mode. The company recently announced the aluminum truck’s debut MSRP of $125,000, with reservations of $1,000 available for the pending two vehicles.

Bollinger is marketed as the “only Class 3 electric trucks on the planet.”

Its mission: From the ground up, the dream was to build something that didn’t exist. We’ve taken our time and not over-promised anything. We’re engineers making electric 4×4 trucks – clean and simple, built to last. Nothing frivolous, nothing unnecessary. All electric. All aluminum. All wheel drive. And we’re building them right here in Detroit.”

Both companies have delayed by the Coronavirus, but both start-ups are still taking reservations for their respective vehicles.

Representatives of Rivan and Bolinger have both been guests on episodes of The Weekly Driver Podcast during visits to the Los Auto by co-hosts Bruch Aldrich and James Raia.

Rivian, the concept all-electric pick-up truck and sport utility vehicle, has often been touted as a pending competitor to Tesla.

The company was founded more than 10 years ago by Mainstream Motors in Florida. Its name was changed to Avera and now Rivian. It had wo concepts at the LA Auto Show, the R1T pickup truck and R1S SUV.

Sethu Gopal, a Rivian representative, discussed the company’s plans for the production of the vehicle during the LA Auto Show. He also detailed some of the specs for the uniquely designed machines — a 400-plus mile range, 0-60 miles per hour times in 3.0 seconds and 11,000-pound towing capacities.

The listen to either episode or any archived episode, visit: The Weekly Driver Podcast.


Article Last Updated: March 30, 2020.

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