#110, What’s in a used car color? Beige saves big bucks

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Julie Blackley is a favorite guest on The Weekly Driver Podcast. She’s an analyst for iseecars.com, the Boston-based online automotive search engine and research website.

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Blackley is a whirlwind of automotive industry statistics, and she’s the first guest who’s joined us three times.

Used Toyota Sienna vans in beige are available with good discounts, according to iseecars.com
Used Toyota Sienna vans in beige are a great car color for good discounts, according to iseecars.com.

During this episode, Bruce Aldrich and I discuss with Julie how certain exterior car colors are more likely to result in significant savings for used car shoppers according to a recent study the company conducted.

The automotive research firm analyzed more than 4.1 million vehicles to determine which car colors were more likely to provide deals, defined as savings of at least 10 percent of a car’s market value.

The analysis found less-popular colors don’t always amount to the most significant savings. Both common and uncommon colors can provide deals to used car shoppers.

The average vehicle has significant savings on 11.3 percent of its inventory. The car color where consumers are most likely to find a deal is beige, which is 24.3 percent more likely to have a deal than the average vehicle. Ranking ninth in terms of popularity among vehicle colors, beige is not among the most popular color choices for consumers . . . black, white, silver and gray.

The Volkswagen Passat, Chevrolet Malibu, Chevrolet Equinox and Toyota Sienna are among the most popular cars available in beige.

Julie also discusses how the industry and public have reacted to the current survey on iseecars.com.

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