Forget Elio; How about a simple $5,490 T3-1 Micro?

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Micro vehicles are nothing new. But they’re getting more innovative, including the newest electric scooter from ZEV (Zero Emissions Vehicles), the T3-1 Micro.

A miniature car, or as one prominent tech site called it, “a quarter of a minivan,” the T3-1 in an enclosed, three-wheel trike. It’s ideal for short commutes or as a light delivery vehicle.

The new Micro for ZEV is a three-wheel electric scooter that costs $5,490.
The new Micro for ZEV is a three-wheel electric scooter that costs $5,490.

The Micro has one door, one front seat and a parking brake. It’s is fully shielded from the weather, including a windscreen wiper. It also has “luxury items,” windows you can wind down and an optional sound system.

Space isn’t cavernous, but two children or one adult can fit in the 35-inch wide rear seat.

The scooter has a battery-electric, using a 4-kilowatt (5.4 hp), oil-cooled transaxle motor. It has a top speed of 31 mph and a range of 50 or 70 miles with the base silicate battery or the Lithium upgrade. Longer ranges are possible with custom battery packs.

The T3-1 scooter drives with handlebars and no pedals. It has a 51×35-inch, 360-pound rear cargo carrying capacity.

In many states, a car license is required to operate the Micro, but not a motorcycle license. In some states, the scooter is considered a moped, so it doesn’t require registration or a license to operate.

And here’s the best part: The Micro costs $5,490 with the standard 50-mile range silicate battery and $8,990 with the 70-mile Lithium option.

For more information, visit: ELECTRIC SCOOTER

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1 thought on “Forget Elio; How about a simple $5,490 T3-1 Micro?”

  1. 6 grand (with tax and license) is absurd for this scooter. If it was $600 I might buy it for the grand kids for a toy. Transportation for adults? Not in my America.


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