Wild and crazy car colors at the 2014 LA Auto Show

James Raia

The Lime Green 2015 Chevy Spark wasn't even the brightest color at the LA Auto Show.

Most car buyers play it safe when it comes to car colors. White is the most popular exterior color, followed by black, silver and gray. Boring, right?

But many manufacturers, seeking to appeal to young buyers, also offer limited edition to full-fledged models with wild color patterns — Plasma Purple to Tangerine Scream and Bronze Fire to Sun Fusion.

The new wild and wacky cars colors have been inspired for several reasons, according to several manufacturers’ brand representatives at the2014 Los Angeles Auto Show.

“The new colors appeal to younger buyers and those young at heart,” extolled a young man whose company is about to introduce a limited edition two-tone Scion Tc dominated by the color Magma.

The exterior car colors at the 20014 LA Auto Show are off-the-charts wild.
The exterior car colors at the 2014 LA Auto Show are off-the-charts wild.

A young woman from Ford, examining a 2015 Ford Focus ST with the color of Tangerine Scream, said she liked the color because “If I’m shopping at Trader Joe’s and I go to the parking lot, I will always be able to find my car.”

Ford also offers the Ford Edge in a light roast coffee color called Bronze Fire. The same woman said she liked the color, “because it reminds her of fall. It’s a good color for outdoor activities, for doing things with the family.”

The Dodge Dart debuted in 1960 and its reputation was anything by flashy until its first demise in 1976. It was reintroduced in 2013 with a modernized look, snappy marketing campaigns and now some wild colors.

One of the 2015 Dodge Darts on display at the 2014  LA Auto Show has a particularly wild exterior color, “Vitamin C.”

The color might be called orange in most instances. But in the auto industry, the more creative and wilder the better, is a marketing must.

The Weekly Driver perused some of the wild colors during the recent media days at the LA Auto Show. Check ’em out in the video below produced by Bruce Aldrich, editor/publisher of tahoetruckeeoutdoor.com.



Article Last Updated: November 25, 2014.

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