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Most reliable cars: Mitsubishi, Hummer. Really?

The Toyota Camry represent one of the carmaker's offerings that make the brand the most reliable.

Steven Lang has had a unique automotive industry career. For more than 15 years, he’s been a car dealer, an auctioneer and a part-owner of an auto auction. He’s bought and sold cars. And he believes he has a credible list of the 10 most reliable cars — by brand.

Lang has seen extraordinary cars and likely some that should have never been sold. He knows cars old and new. And he knows branding from the Lexus motto: “The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection to the BMW creed: “The Ultimate Driving Machine.”

A contributor to Motoramic, Lang has compiled an top-10 list of the most reliable cars via individual brands.  interesting choices? You bet.

The 10th most reliable brand is Mitsubishi. Really? No. 9 is Hummer? The No. 1 most reliable auto manufacturer is Toyota. Again, really?

The Toyota Camry represent one of the carmaker's  offerings that make the brand the most reliable.
The Toyota Camry represent one of the carmaker’s offerings that make the brand the most reliable.

Here’s what Lang writes about Toyota:

“There are certain weeks when the Toyota Camry will offer more high-mileage trades than all European models . . . combined. Part of Toyota’s dominance comes from having two of their models, the Camry and Corolla, represent nearly half their sales.

“However as Lexus offers three of the top-10 vehicles when it comes to long-term reliability, Toyota nails four more spots. The Land Cruiser, 4Runner, Sequoia and Avalon are all top ranked with the Corolla and Camry firmly in the top three percent of reliable models.

Here’s Lang’s complete list in reverse order, badged in on s 10-year reliability sample of more than 350,000 sample trade-ins from around the country.

The vehicles, according to Lang, “Were all independently inspected and appraised by professional car buyers who are trained to detect mechanical and structural issues, which can be overlooked or unreported by the owners in other industry studies, and are recorded by those who have no owner bias.”

10. Mitsubishi
9. Hummer
8. Mercedes-Benz
7. Acura
6. Infiniti
5. Chevrolet
4. Honda
3. GMC
2. Lexus
1. Toyota

To read Lang’s complete article, visit: Most Reliable Cars



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