Carmony re-focusing website with upscale brands

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Carmony, one of the United Kingdom’s leading used car websites, is rebranding its website and will now focus on prestigious brands with price tags of more than 25,000 pounds.

The Carmony website previously featured a full range of used cars. And it will continue is reputation for providing a simple, effect website that allow consumers to search for vehicles and dealers for the best products.

The special lifestyle search feature allows consumer to look for a used car using criteria such as boot space or number of seats.

Additionally, the website offers the latest news and reviews from the industry. The rebranding is clever. There’s a gap in the market for the advertising of used or nearly new cars appealing to higher income consumers.

The used car market is highly competitive. Trader Media Group, which runs Auto Trader, has 11.5 million individual users on its website each month.

Carmony, the leading used car dealership in the U.K., is rebranding its website.
Carmony, the leading used car dealership in the U.K., is rebranding its website.

With the majority of the market in page views, Trader Media Group doesn’t have a specific target group but offers cars of all brands and price ranges. The discerning consumer may find they will have to search through a range too wide or that sellers of prestige brand cars prefer to use a specialized seller.

Gumtree is another competitor in the used car industry. It was established as a network to help Australians, New Zealanders South Africans arriving in London to find work, accommodations or used furniture.

The website has since expanded to include sales of many nearly everything second hand — musical instruments to property. Although a popular website, the used cars section focuses primarily on making connections between individuals.

If you would rather buy your car from a dealer, the site is not ideal. But since the website is well-known source for automotive bargains, sellers of prestigious brands are not likely to post their cars

Carmony is going for a smaller market. The limited competition in this field will give it the pole position from the start and its stands a good chance of taking a large percentage of the used prestigious car market. is a participant in the Services LLC Associates Program.
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