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Tom Cruise set to play racing legend Carroll Shelby

Tom Cruise has played characters interested in speed, in one form or another, many times in his career. He’ll soon begin portraying a legend of auto speed and innovation, Carroll Shelby.

According to a report on AOL Autos, Cruise and Joseph Kosinkski, the director of Oblivion, will team to make a movie from the book Go Like Hell.


The book details the epic battle between Ford’s and Ferrari for dominance in the 1960s European racing scene.

Tom Cruise is reportedly set to play racing legend Carroll Shelby.
Tom Cruise is reportedly set to play racing legend Carroll Shelby.

Shelby, the sole member of a rare automotive fraternity who rose to prominence as a driver, builder and owner, died earlier this year at age 89.

Shelby won the 24 Hours of Le Mans for Aston Martin in 1959 with co-driver Roy Salvadori. He also won U.S. sports-car championship titles with Ferrari and Maserati and raced in Formula 1 for two seasons.

In the 1960s, Shelby created the iconic Shelby Cobra. It dominated the racetracks of the era and defeated Ferrari for the world manufacturer’s title.

Shelby lent his name and tuning expertise to existing models, most notably the Ford Mustang with the Shelby GT350 Mustang.


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