Hurricane Sandy aftermath: beware of water-damaged cars for sale

James Raia

Natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy take wide-ranging tolls on industry — the demolishing of small corner grocery stores to halting of the stock market. And the cancellation of international sporting events like the New York City Marathon to fraud in the auto industry.

According to a report on the New York Times website, the damage from Hurricane Sandy not only destroyed many vehicles and affected the daily operation of car dealerships and auxiliary automotive businesses, it prompted a need for consumer awareness.Hurricane Sandy aftermath: beware of water-damaged cars for sale 1

Consumer advocates are warming car buyers they need to beware of vehicles that have suffered from water damage. It’s not uncommon for sellers to dry out their cars and then try to sell them without divulge the vehicles’ histories.

Insurance companies, as the newspaper’s article details, have received tens of thousands of claims for (salt) water and other damage from the East Coast disaster.

The article also details new preventative regulations and suggestions for seller and buyers.

To read the full article, visit: Flooded Cars/Hurricane Sandy

Article Last Updated: November 2, 2012.

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