Car technology 101: Anatomy of a dashboard

James Raia

The icon of a human figure with a ball in its chest? A triangle with an exclamation point in the middle? Under the category technology overland, the website has introduced an instructional infograph to define all of the functions on the dashboard — odometer to warning signs designated with bizarre icons. The website has title the infograph as “What Are All Those Light on My Dashboard?” What are all those lights on my dashboard?

So, to define the icons:

The human figure in a seated position with ball shape near its chest indicates there’s an electrical problem the car’s airbag system.

The trangle with an exclamation point is the master warning light and in general terms designates something is wrong with the car.

And just to differentiate one dashboard exclamation point from the other, the horseshoe-shaped icon with an exclamation point means there’s less than optimal pressure in at lease one of the car’s tires.

TThe Anatomy of a Dashboard
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Article Last Updated: May 18, 2013.

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