Snow, car crashes and drivers' stupidity plentiful in Bountiful, Utah (video)

James Raia

The dangers of driving in the snow aren't always readily apart. And even when what appears to be a rather tame slightly declining road in Bountiful, Utah, becomes increasingly dangerous, drivers and pedestrians just don't seem to get it.

And so it was. Driving in the snow is downright nasty

In this five-minute video, filmed by Rhee Braby, the driving nightmare begins slowly with a few cars hitting curbs. Then there are about a half-dozen accidents, cars skidding into yards and any number of vehicles careening out of control.

But does everyone heed the warnings of citizens and policemen trying to help? No.

The result: In a few minutes, a not-so-serious-looking Utah snow on Jan. 21 storm turns ugly. And three days later, nearly one million people have watched the video and rejoiced that they weren't involved.


Article Last Updated: January 24, 2012.

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