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Honda, Acura expand exploding airbag recall, total now 876,000 cars

The continuing dilemma of possible rupturing airbags has prompted American Honda Co., to recall another 273,000 Honda and Acura vehicles from 2001 to 2003 and thus pushing the total current recall to 876,000 cars.

Honda said the additional recall is because the airbag could potentially explode causing injury or death.

In a notice on its website, Honda wrote:

"Affected driver's airbag inflators may deploy with too much pressure, which can cause the inflator casing to rupture and could result in injury or fatality."

Honda, Acura expand exploding airbag recall, total now 876,000 cars 1

"Because Honda is unable to determine the specific vehicles that may have received the affected service parts through existing information, Honda will inspect an additional approximately 603,000 vehicles and replace those parts as necessary."

The expanded recall applies to certain 2001 and 2002 Accord, 2001 to 2003 Civic, 2001 to 2003 Odyssey, 2002 and 2003 CR-V, 2003 Pilot, 2002 and 2003 Acura 3.2 TL and 2003 Acura 3.2 CL vehicles

Notification to the expanded group of customers will begin in late December 2011.

For more Honda recall information, contact: or call (800) 999-1009

For additional Acura recall information, contact owners can go to or call (800) 382-2238.



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