Jeep Wrangler, Toyota FJ get 2012 best resale value honors

James Raia

The Jeep Wrangler’s for 2012 has a more powerful and more fuel-efficient V6 engine and its gets the top spot in the overall top-10 best used car value designation from Kelley Blue Book based on its 68.0 percent resale value after three years and 55.0 percent  resale value after five years.

The resale designations signify automakers achievements in producing vehicles that best retain their value over the first five years of new-vehicle ownership. The awards are presented annually just prior to the L.A. Auto Show, which begins Thursday at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

The awards are presented to top vehicles in 19 vehicle categories and to the Overall Top 10 vehicles across all categories.

Here’s the top-10 list and the 2012 vehicles’ respected percentage of new price retention after three and five years:

1. The Jeep Wrangler — three years, 68.0 percent; five years, 55.0 percent.
2. Toyota FJ Cruiser — three years, 67.0 percent; five years, 50 percent.
3. Toyota Tacoma — three years, 64.0 percent; five years, 49 percent.
4. Hyundai Tucson — three years, 64.3 percent; five years, 45.3 percent.
5. Audi Q7 — three years, 63.3 percent; five years, 44.3 percent.
6. Infiniti FX — three years, 58 percent; five years, 44 percent.
7. Honda CR-V (2011) — three years, 60.3 percent, five years, 43.5 percent.
8. Lexus RX — three years, 64 percent; five years, 43.0 percent
9. Nissan Frontier —  three years, 56.2 percent; five years, 42.8 percent.
10. Chevrolet Camaro — three years, 57.0 percent; five years, 42.2 percent.

To read the complete article, visit: Kelley Blue Book Top 10 Resale Value


Article Last Updated: March 16, 2015.

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