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    Chevy Sonic has a 5 door 40 mpg Manual 6 speed turbo with more torque at 148 lb/ft. vs the Accent 123 lb/ft torque. I'm guessing the Chevy Sonic is more fun to drive.

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    michigan man

    look at any measure of reliability in the last 3-7 years. hyundai gives me much more confidence than chevy…not to mention the sonic looks way too much like the 2011 aveo (which it is anyway).

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    Well, Sonic’s 1.4 turbo is probably better than the Accent’s 1.6 gdi in terms of balancing performance with eco-ness. But overall quality and value for money is probably better on the Accent. This is coming from someone who has never seen either of these in person, but it’s a pretty good guess, I think.

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    Petro Viljoen

    When will the 2012 Hyundai Accent be available in South Africa?


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