Super Bowl commercials: Suzuki Kizashi drives away from wicked snowmen attack

James Raia

Suzuki will participate in Super Bowl advertising for the first time and it’s chosen its highly touted all-wheel-drive 2011 Suzuki Kizashi (pronounced “Kee-Zah-Shee”) as the subject of a 30-second spot called “Wicked Weather.”

The commercial, scheduled for broadcast in Suzuki’s top 14 markets, hopes to “communicate Kizashi’s AWD USP in markets where all-wheel drive inspires driver confidence in handling winter’s inclement weather,” according to Suzuki spokesperson.

The commercial begins with an AWD Kizashi accelerating along a snow-filled mountain road. In quick order:Super Bowl commercials: Suzuki Kizashi drives away from wicked snowmen attack 1

* The driver is startled by a snowball that strikes the driver-side window of his Kizashi.

* The man looks in his rearview mirror and notices an evil snowman throwing snowballs.

* Following a barrage of snowballs, the man realizes he is now being chased by a group of evil snowmen.

* After the man maneuvers through the snow, avoiding more snowballs, another group of snowmen appear in the middle of the road straight ahead of the Kizashi.

* As the second group of snowmen near, the man makes a hard right and the two groups of snowmen collide causing an explosion of snow, top hats, scarves and carrots.

* As the Kizashi safely drives off into the distance, one of the snowmen’s top hats rolls onto the screen followed by a falling carrot that sticks into the snow.

The voiceover says, “Wicked weather has met its match” and the commercial ends with a tightly cropped shot of the 2011 AWD Kizashi.

Article Last Updated: February 4, 2011.

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