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Super Bowl commercials: Hot Miss Evelyn drives a Chevy Camaro

Chevrolet’s new motto: “Chevy Runs Deep” has received mixed reviews. But all is now forgiven. In the onslaught of car manufacturers participating in ad campaigns in Super Bowl XLV, Chevy goes to the top of the list with this one-minute spot about teacher, “Miss Evelyn” driving a 2011 Chevy Camaro.

The commercial features two friends fantasizing about the perfect car commercial. They have the new Camaro and it’s blazing through the desert. It’s dodging bales of hay in big-city traffic. It’s eluding bad guys and motorcycles and a helicopter.

And all along it’s being driven by a few different fantasy women, including a redhead, Miss Evelyn. At the end of commercial, the Camaro has flown through the air after jettisoning off the top of an office building. Miss Evelyn, calmly lands the car, drives it right up to her campus door and greets her students.


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