Honda Fit recall: nearly 700,000 globally for stalling issue

James Raia

Honda is recalling about 97,000 of its 2009–10 Honda Fit hatchbacks in the United States and about 700,000 worldwide (also sold under the names Honda Freed and Honda City) because a part failure can cause the car to stall or damage the engine.

The carmaker announced in a news release that “lost motion springs” within the engine’s valve train “may bend or break over time resulting in abnormal engine noise and potentially causing engine damage or stalling.”

Honda said it was not aware of any crashes or injuries and would begin notifying owners early next month. The Japanese automaker said the problem is originates from a  “a lack of lubrication “where the lost motion spring retainer contacts the rocker arm.”

Honda, which also recalled the Fit twice last year, said the engine could stall without the ability to restart.

The first recall covered the 2007-8 models and affected about 143,000 vehicles with faulty low-beam headlights. The second recall was for a fire hazard involving the power windows on about 141,000 Fits from the 2007-8 model years.

Honda will replace these lost-motion spring components within the engine valvetrain free of charge.

Article Last Updated: September 8, 2021.

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  1. Well, the recall is embarrasing. But recently the Honda Fit is said to have pinned down the Toyota Prius in terms of sales. That is huge.


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