Honda says it's a gas, will offer Civic natural gas model nationwide in 2011

James Raia

Some automotive industry experts believe Honda has been complacent in recent years with the Accord and Civic among the top-five best-selling cars in the United States. But while the Japanese manufacturer has rejuvenated its efforts the new Honda Civic hybrid, it’s all remained at the forefront in another “green” area — natural gas.

Honda is among only a few companies that sell a natural gas-powered car in the U.S.. But Honda will soon do better than that. It’s natural gas-powered version of its new Civic sedan will soon be available in all 50 states, according to carmaker  representatives at the Detroit auto show.

Currently Honda sells around 1,500 natural-gas Civics each year. But they’re currently only in California, Oklahoma, New York and Utah. The new Civic will be available nationwide.

The U.S. only has about 1,500 natural gas fueling stations in the country, according to 2008 totals. And only half of those open to the public. But natural gas proponents say more natural gas refueling stations are pending throughout the country.Honda says it's a gas, will offer Civic natural gas model nationwide in 2011 1

Natural gas is often considered the cleanest burning alternative fuel available. It’s not renewable, but it’s plentiful and less expensive than petrol and diesel.

According to the Associated Press, several major oil companies have recently purchase natural oil fields.

Natural gas vehicles are more prominent in Europe, with nearly every manufacturer offering a natural gas model.

Article Last Updated: January 12, 2011.

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