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Toyota president Jim Lentz on Fox: 'Resolving pedal issue will be measured in months'

Toyota president Jim Lentz on Fox: 'Resolving pedal issue will be measured in months' 1Jim Lentz, Toyota’s president and COO sales, continued his national media blitz with a visit to Fox Business Network. Lentz detailed to the network that resolving the pedal acceleration issue will be “measured in months not weeks” and non-recalled models are “doing quite well.”


Here are  few excerpts and a video from the Fox Business Network interview:

On a timeline to solve the safety issues:

“I think it’s going to be measured in months not weeks. I can’t tell you exactly how much. At the end of this week, we’ll have a much better idea.”

On recalling the pedal now after months of complaints:

“Initially, we concentrated on the floor mat. In hindsight, it was more about the pedal. We didn’t really understand how customers use floor mats. We didn’t have enough clearance under our pedals.”

“We actually acted quite quickly on that. From October of last year to today, we investigated it, we found a solution, and we implemented a solution….that’s 90 days; that’s pretty quick.”

On the pedal manufacturer feeling like the scapegoat:

“We’re not blaming the pedal manufacture. It’s our responsibility; we are going to take care of the customers. We’ll figure out why it happened down the road.”

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