Ferrari unveils new web site with Formula 1 season

James Raia

Ferrari unveils new web site with Formula 1 season 1Ferrari will debut its redesigned website Sunday, www.ferrari.com, March 29, 2009, in conjunction with the celebration of the first Grand Prix of the 2009 Formula 1 World Championship season. The new portal is the gateway to the world of the “Prancing Horse.” It offers users a new look and a vast array of content, resulting in the ultimate behind-the-scenes Ferrari experience.

As one of the first companies to build a presence on the ‘net in the early 1990s, Ferrari’s goal now is to ensure the millions of tifosi and enthusiasts who log on to the Ferrari website each day will live the Ferrari experience online.

Through its new www.ferrari.com portal, Ferrari now offers site visitors to the site now enjoy more content and a better internet relationship with Ferrari headquarters in Maranello, Italy.  The new sites boasts a wide range in a revised and freshened graphic design and unique content.

Apart from its numerous interactive sections with exclusive images and dedicated to GT & Sport cars, Scuderia F1, News, Community and Ferrari Store, www.ferrari.com also now boasts a major new feature: the Maranello Experience.

The Maranello Experience allows visitors to the website to enjoy a virtual tour of the company complex. They enter through the historic gate on Via Abetone, as they would in reality, and then move on to the various new production areas designed by leading international architects Renzo Piano, Massimiliano Fuksas and Jean Nouvel. There are 360° images and video clips of each building as well as dedicated explanatory text, providing a sense of the privilege of seeing where Ferraris are built.

But the virtual experience doesn’t stop there. If they enter the GT & Sport cars section, visitors are quickly transported to a typical Italian piazza – a homage to the famous Campidoglio in Rome.

Ferrari unveils new web site with Formula 1 season 2

Once a particular car has been selected, personalized and turned on, the visitor can take off on a virtual test drive at the Mugello Circuit.  Visitors can compare their driving skills with those of former World Champion Michael Schumacher who has personally driven all the cars in the range at Mugello. This means he’s able to advise the virtual drivers on the best ways of coming out of the various corners and on picking the most efficient racing lines.

The new sits also gives the online Ferrari Store shopping experience a complete makeover. More than 2,000 products are available from Scuderia Ferrari, Kids and Prancing Horse.

For more information, visit: www.ferrari.com.

Article Last Updated: March 28, 2009.

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