Audi A8

Audi A8, 2011 review

The 2011 Audi A8 all-wheel-drive sedan has imposing styling, a fabulous interior and high-tech features that can be easily utilized if ...

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2014 Audi R8: First makeover means lighter, faster, more powerful supercar

The 2014 Audi R8, a refreshed edition for the first time since the mid-engine, two-seat sports car was introduced in 2006, ...

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Audi debuts super sports car, 2010 R8

Audi has forged its engineering through grueling competition at the world’s most  demanding motorsports venue – Le Mans. With five Le ...

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Audi A8, 2004: The Weekly Driver Car Review

Value is an integral purchasing factor for many car buyers, and it’s often a simple equation. If a consumer has $2,000, ...

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