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Customer Service vital for success in towing industry

Good customer service is essential in the tow truck industry.

Customer service is an essential part of any public-oriented profession. After all, every business needs clients. Keeping your clientele satisfied, including in the towing industry, is key to ongoing success. Any company that allows paying customers to walk away unhappy is risking its future. In the towing industry, great customer service is especially important. Towing …

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Pokemon Go madness: Baltimore driver, player hits police car

Pokemon Go mobile game causing accidents

How obsessive compulsive has the mobile reality game Pokemon Go become? One answer involves the extreme good fortune of a young man in Maryland. While playing the game on his smartphone while driving, the man crashed his vehicle into a parked police car. The driver’s sport utility and the police officer’s car suffered extensive damage, …

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When buying a used vehicle don’t forget the inspection

When buying a used vehicle, a proper inspection is important.

Purchasing a new vehicle always represents a significant financial commitment, even when your new vehicle isn’t new at all. Even pre-owned vehicles, significantly marked down from the original sticker price, will cost a few bucks, and it’s important to ensure they represent a decent value. This means doing your homework—reading reviews and consumer reports before …

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New Volkswagen Phideon coming to Chinese market

The top-line Volkswagen Phideon sedan will soon debut in China.

Despite the emissions scandal and company’s decreased profits, Volkswagen is determined to make a comeback in the Chinese auto market with new range-topping Phideon sedan. The Phaeton – once regarded as VW’s most luxurious big body vehicle – has ceased production. The idea at the time was to create an all-electric automobile that could compete with …

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