Bicycle commuting: healthy, cheaper, faster

Michael James

There’s no doubt cycling has amazing health benefits. But bicycling isn’t always easy. It often changes commuters’s routines and may take a concerted effort. But commuting to work on a bicycle not only provides exercise, it’s less expensive than driving and good for the environment.

Although no one looks forward to it, bicycling to work could increase the chance of an accident but there is available legal help after a bicycle accident.

Commuting on a bicycle has health benefits and it can cost far less than driving.
Commuting on a bicycle has health benefits and it can cost far less than driving.

Cycling to work is a good alternative to paying for fuel and the costs associated with driving. Still don’t overlook safety to avoid being under the wheels of someone else’s commute.

Why is cycling to work so beneficial?

It’s much cheaper than driving. Even if you’ve invested in an expensive, it’s cheaper than driving. If properly maintained, a bicycle will last for a long time. And there’s no insurance, fuel or MOT. Bicycle repairs are less expensive than car repairs.

If work consumes long hours, cycling to work will assist in efficient and healthy use of spare time. To save more time, keep a change of clothes and items with which to freshen up in the workplace

Even a short bicycle ride can be beneficial. You’re going to burn calories, and as long as you wear sunscreen, you’ll keep your skin healthy.

Cycling to work can be faster than driving. Bicycling can help a commuter avoid constant traffic and parking a bicycle is easier than parking a car.

Bicycling is safe when proper guidelines are followed. You’re going to need a helmet Wear cycling shoes are important Wearing reflective attire and having appropriate bicycle lights are essential.

Lastly, remember vehicles often have blind spots. Making sure you’re seen on the road by drivers will help keep you safe while commuting by bicycle.

Article Last Updated: September 6, 2023.

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