#269, Renowned automotive journalist talks future of car-sharing

James Raia

Uber, Lyft and Via have suspended their group rideshare options becaus of the coronavirus.

Michael Coates has done it all as an automotive journalist, from writer and editor to publishing and broadcast analysis. He’s currently the editor and publisher of Clean Fleet Report, a well-respected automotive website focusing on automotive environmental issues.

Coates, who also serves as Automotive Editor at Innovation & Tech Today magazine and writes for Autoweek magazine, is our guest this week on The Weekly Driver Podcast.

The idea of car sharing helps car owners save money and it also reduces traffic.
The idea of car-sharing helps car owners save money and it also reduces traffic.

A recently updated post on Clean Fleet Report discussing the evolving and revolving companies involved in shared mobility piqued our interest.

The article begins:

“Car sharing has changed dramatically since Clean Fleet Report first reported on it almost two decades ago. While it was picking up steam at that point, in the years since it has morphed and been influenced by changing technology, both in vehicles and in the software that enables the service.

“Some big players have jumped in and then retreated. Some auto companies have incorporated car-sharing elements into their new business enterprises. Some small players were gobbled up by bigger companies.”

Podcast co-hosts Bruce Aldrich and James Raia discuss with Coates the most well-known car-sharing platforms (Uber and Lyft) and not-so-well-known options such as Turo, vRide and Getaround.

Coates, an alternative engine proponent, also shares his opinion of the industry, including the future (or lack of a future) of hydrogen vehicles.

Please join Bruce and me as we spend 30 minutes with a passionate automotive expert.

Article Last Updated: September 14, 2023.

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