Genesis GV70: new EV SUV worthy of price

James Raia

The 2023 Genesis GV70 is the carmaker's first vehilce made in the United States

Seven models years into its legacy, Genesis added its Electrified Genesis GV70 for 2023. It’s the carmaker’s eighth vehicle and its first built outside of South Korea.

With its origins and continuing heritage with Hyundai, the sport utility vehicle hails from Montgomery, Ala., and is available in two trims. The Advance trim is equipped as a base model but it includes more than other brands’ upgraded offerings, a healthy list of technology features.

The reviewed Prestige trim adds $6,800 to the starting MSRP of $66,975 and offers, among other upgrades, a head-up display and a Lexicon premium audio system worthy of road symphonies. The top-end GV70 also includes active noise control, heated second-row seats, a heated steering wheel and Nappa leather seats. The added cost is well spent and might be the near price for a high-scale audio system alone in other carmakers’ luxury SUVs.

Genesis GV70: new EV SUV worthy of price 1
The 2023 GV70 EV SUV is new and American-made. All images © Gretchen Gaither/2023.

A 77.4-kWh battery and dual 160-kW motors power both trims and produce 429 horsepower. Genesis has installed a gimmicky boost button on the steering wheel. It can be engaged for a 10-second power boost of horsepower. Under what circumstance the boost might be needed is unknown. And with a 0-to-60 miles per hour acceleration effort in about four seconds without the boost, what’s the point?

Genesis touts the charging efficiency of the GV70 with impressive numbers. It can be charged at up to 350 kW, good enough to charge the battery from 10 to 80 percent in less than 20 minutes at a fast-charging location.

The electric-centric SUV also features and electronically controlled suspension. It has a road preview and a front-facing camera to automatically adjust the suspension as necessary potentially problematic road surfaces appear.

A slight wind rush deters from one of EVs’ stronger attributes, quiet rides. The GV70 has little engine whine but on windy days, the interior could be quieter.

The 2023 Genesis GV70 is the eighth vehicle in the carmaker's lineup and the first made in the United States.
The 2023 Genesis GV70 has a hidden recharge portal located on the front of the grille.

Since its debut as the stand-alone luxury offering of its Hyundai heritage, the Genesis lineup has received numerous honors, including car-of-the-year labels and, more importantly, safety accolades. The GV70 could join its siblings.

Not many vehicles have an immediate comfort factor. The GV70 has that persona. It’s a luxury vehicle with a zero pretentiousness score. For front and rear occupants, there’s plenty of legroom and headroom. While not expansive, the read cargo area is larger enough for plenty of grocery bags, luggage or family gear.

The exterior design is handsome and modern with futuristic leanings, with the exception of the shield-style front grille. It looks like a heat shield but it also includes one of the SUV’s most convenient features. Most EVs have charging portals similarly located to the gas-fueled cars’ tanks. The new Genesis is recharged with a small opening on the front grille. It’s convenient for pulling straight into a recharging station or for easy use via a home-installed charging system.

There’s little not to like about the new Genesis with one caveat. How could a carmaker consider only a 236-mile range? The 300-mile plateau is easily attainable and for potential new EV converts, the sub-standard total for the GV70 could prove a dealbreaker.

Regardless, the expanding Genesis lineup is still unknown for many consumers. It was the name of the top-line sedan offering of Hyundai. But now it’s a family of vehicles on its own.

The GV70, with all options installed and the extension of the Hyundai legacy of offering the industry-best 10-year/100,000-mile powertrain warranty, elevates the new vehicle in its competitive segment. It’s a $74,000 SUV, worthy of its cost.

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