Ferrari SF90 XX debuts as automaker’s most powerful road car

Mason Bloom

Ferrari’s SF90 XX Stradale and XX Spider supercars recently unveiled are a track-prepped spin on the standard SF90. They are the first double-X Ferrari to offer road-capability, making them the most powerful road-going vehicles the manufacturer has produced. 

With three electric motors and a tuned version of the twin-turbocharged V8 in the standard SF90, the double-X Ferraris reach a combined 1,016 horsepower. Maranello engineers polished the engine’s inlet and exhaust ports, crafted new pistons and increased the compression ratio for a V8-only output of 786 hp, an increase of 17 versus the standard SF90’s engine. 

This power let the SF90XX clock a 0-62mph time of 2.3 seconds — two-tenths quicker than the standard SF90.

Ferrari SF90 XX debuts as automaker's most powerful road car 1
The hard-top SF90 XX Stradale boasts over 1,000 horsepower and sleek new styling. All image credits: Ferrari S.p.A.

A new “Extra Boost” feature pushes the electric motors to their limit and allows for total power output to exceed four digits. Extra Boost can be used in the vehicle’s Qualify drive mode and is enabled when the throttle is floored in a corner exit or a straight. This feature can be used 30 times before causing a battery drain. When not in Qualify drive mode, Ferrari claims 15 miles of range and an 84 mph top speed on electric power alone.

The team at Maranello went ballistic with aerodynamics too. Most apparent is the fixed rear wing akin to the 599XX Evolution of years past. Ferrari claims this alone can generate 1,168 pounds of downforce at 155 mph, an increase of 308 lbs in relation to the non-XX SF90. An active spoiler from the SF90 works alongside the XX variant to assist in keeping the car glued to the road. 

In addition to a monstrous rear wing, contrasting nostrils and an S-duct system integrated to the vehicle’s front offer an escape route for air exiting the radiators. More downforce — a 20 percent increase over the front axle — is produced via a larger front splitter allowing for increased cornering speeds. 

Ferrari SF90 XX debuts as automaker's most powerful road car 2
Ferrari’s first road-going XX model is available with a retractable roof, which takes merely 14 seconds to fold into place.

Clean air sucked under the SF90 XX’s body is met with a new, flush underbody before exiting through a widened rear diffuser. New fender louvers further prevent drag and turbulence all while creating a distinct appearance. 

Changes in the vehicle’s gearbox further offset it from the standard SF90. Shift logic from the Daytona SP3 results in enhanced engine notes after each gear change, a note similar to crackles and pops that occur when letting off the throttle at high RPMs. Ferrari knows what its customers want and funnels more high-frequency treble to the cabin with a new hot tube system. Drivers can expect fuller and deeper sounds from the SF90 XX.

Ferrari SF90 XX debuts as automaker's most powerful road car 3
Don’t be fooled by its road-legal status, the SF90 XX is equally capable on the racetrack.

The addition of ABS EVO, an anti-lock system and other performance boosters helped shave up to 250 hundredths off of the lap times at the automaker’s Fiorano Circuit test track.

Those partial to open-top Ferraris don’t have to worry about the SF90 XX Spider being an underperforming hardtop counterpart. The weight difference is only 220 pounds and Ferrari notes the dynamics are unchanged. The hardtop takes only 14 seconds to retract and can do so at speeds of up to 28 mph.

Stepping in the cabin reveals an equally performance-oriented theme: carbon fiber and Alcantara dominate the lightweight sport seats, side panels, and dashboard. A digitalized gauge cluster is accompanied by a smaller screen adjacent to the steering wheel. The chrome gear selector and power window switches have been moved forward and backward respectively, creating a minimal and purpose-built interior.

Ferrari SF90 XX debuts as automaker's most powerful road car 4
Racing seatbelts and ample carbon fiber reminds occupants they’re still in a race car.

Ferrari will only produce 799 SF90 XX Stradales and 599 XX Spiders. Each has been reserved, meaning those who can afford the $844,000 or $932,000 Stradale and Spider price tags, will have to look for alternative transportation.

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