#265, Lightship: entrepreneurs debut EV RV

James Raia

Ben Parker and Toby Kraus are co-founders of Lightship. Both entrepreneurs worked for Tesla but are now immersed in a collaborative project in the recreational vehicle industry.

Parker and Kraus recently introduced the prototype of the L1. It’s a pending all-electric trailer Lightship is marketing for a 2024 debut.

Parker was my recent guest on The Weekly Driver Podcast. During the indoor Outdoor Sports Retail Expo in Salt Lake City, Utah, Parker and I sat in the front seat of a Ford Lightning, the new electric pickup truck. It was part of Lightship’s vendor exhibit, which attracted strong industry attention during the multiple-day show at the Salt Lake City Convention Center.

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The Lightship L1 is the prototype of the new Colorado-based EV RV company.

Co-host Bruce Aldrich was on vacation, so I was the solo host for the episode as our podcast progresses in its sixth year.

Among many topics, Parker and I discussed how the RV industry and the automobile industry will soon work together for consumers interested in towing an electric trailer with an electric truck or sport utility vehicle.

Parker explained the futuristic-looking trailer, the company’s two planned models and other plans for the Colorado-based company.

According to the company’s website (www.lightshiprv.com):

“The L1 was tightly engineered for zero emissions, for comfort, and built to last. We started with aero principles to create a near-zero range loss for EVs and lower costs at the gas pump.

“From the battery and solar roof down to appliances, every decision was about ease of use. And of course, relaxing just outside nature’s door.

“Kick back with plenty of room to gather and stow it all away in smart storage solutions. Add the bonus of powering your home or charging your EV, and this is unlike any travel trailer you’ve ever had.”

With enthusiasm to spare, Parker detailed the prototype and the pending consumer model specs: 300 miles of range, 3 times more dynamic than a traditional trailer, the 7-foot-6 interior and height and its 2-3 kW of solar power.

The Lightship’s interior is a combination of a minimalist’s nirvana and RV innovation. Spacious windows and a modern design prevail.

In vast detail, Parker explained how the trailer generates power and how he and Kraus began their company. He detailed the reservation process and the pricing structure.

Please join me for a 30-minute conversation with Parker as the entrepreneur explained the company’s vision for the future of the RV industry.

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Article Last Updated: August 2, 2023.

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