Lamborghini announces two non-hybrid V12 one-offs

Mason Bloom

Oops, not so fast, Lamborghini. The automaker announced last September the decade-defining 6.5L V12 engine found in so many of Lamborghini’s supercars would receive a swan song in the Aventador Ultimae.

But hold off on the going away party. It now appears the power plant’s demise is premature.

Lamborghini announces two non-hybrid V12 one-offs 1
Lamborghini Aventador Ultimae as seen at The Lamborghini Lounge Monterey last during Monterey Car Week 2022. The supercar manufacturer announced the Ultimae will be the final, non-hybrid V12-powered car they produce.

Lamborghini has done an abrupt about-face with the recent announcement that two one-off models would instead be the end of the line for the famous engine. Rather than leaving it at the Ultimae, the automaker used the non-hybrid V12 power in the new Invencible coupe and Auténtica roadster.

Both highly limited Lamborghinis ride on the Aventador platform that premiered in 2011. They feature the thought-to-be-departing naturally-aspirated V12 synonymous with the brand’s top-tier performance vehicles.

Lamborghini announces two non-hybrid V12 one-offs 2
The Lamborghini Auténtica roadster is among the final nonhybrid V12-powered supercars the automaker will build.

The Invencible and Auténtica share more with the Aventador than merely the platform and engine. The one-offs are designed around the carbon fiber monocoque as with almost every variant of the high-performance sports car, and mirror the Ultimae’s 769 horsepower and 531 lbs/ft of torque.

Such hypercar-rivaling power is sent to all four wheels through the same seven-speed, single-clutch automated manual that premiered in 2011. The rear-wheel steering found in the Ultimae has also been carried over to Invencible and Auténtica models.

Straight-line acceleration tests are conducted. Zero-to-sixty mph sprints and the top speed of both vehicles are likely to match the 2.8 seconds and 220 mph, respectively, that the Aventador Ultimae clocked in. 

Lamborghini announces two non-hybrid V12 one-offs 3

The bodywork of the Invencible and Auténtica, however, stray from the standard, simplistic Aventador styling. Lamborghini noted both one-offs blend elements from the automaker’s finest limited-run vehicles. The drastic aerodynamics are drawn from the Veneno and Reventón models, the unique hood is akin to that from the track-only Essenza SCV12, and the engine cover is inspired by that from the ultra-light Sesto Elemento. Also similar to the Sesto Elemento is the all-carbon fiber body, a rarity for Aventador-based models.

Lamborghini went to their Centro Stile department for the aesthetics, unlike any of the automaker’s products to date. The convertible Auténtica features two fins mounted at the rear to direct airflow; the Invencible opts for a swan-neck rear wing. A common theme throughout the two are straight edges.

Both models have straight, sharp headlights and hexagon-shaped taillights and triple exhaust. The side vents are geometric, and they feed in air along the engine bay adorned by hexagon-shaped inlets. Such cues aim to create a unique vehicle rather than a dressed-up Aventador.

Lamborghini announces two non-hybrid V12 one-offs 4
The taillights are among the many geometric styling cues throughout the two one-off Lamborghinis.

Eccentric styling is echoed by distinct color choices. A matte gray, named Grigio Titans, coats the Auténtica and is accented with yellow Giallo Auge trim. Black panels and matte black wheels finish the discreet Auténtica. 

The Invencible received a more vivid approach. Rosso Efesto spans throughout the coupe with red calipers and interior coloring to match. 

A look inside the cabin reveals design language very similar to that of the exterior. Lamborghini omitted the touchscreen found in its previous supercar offerings but retained the digital gauge cluster for a modern appearance. Two hexagonal vents comprise the majority of the center console and are dominated by carbon fiber and body-colored paint. The rest of the interior is a mix of carbon fiber, alcantara, and trim that matches the exterior in color and design.

Exterior color-matching throughout the interior is present in the Lamborghini the Invencible (shown) and Auténtica.
Exterior color-matching throughout the interior is present in the Lamborghini the Invencible (shown) and Auténtica.

These tailor-made supercars are already spoken for, leaving everyone else to settle for the upcoming hybrid Aventador successor. Lamborghini announced it’s just weeks away from being unveiled. Assuming that Lamborghini is serious this time around, the successor’s hybrid powertrain will follow in the Aventador’s footsteps and that the launch of the Auténtica and Invencible will mark the end of an era.

Mason Bloom is a reporter for TheWeeklyDriver.com. When he is not writing about industry news, new car reviews or covering live motorsport events, he is a sophomore at Aptos High School on the California central coast.

Article Last Updated: February 14, 2023.

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