What to do when a new car has new car troubles

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Getting a new car can be exhilarating, particularly if you’re also selling a car that no longer works properly or if the type of vehicle you need changes.

But while a new vehicle can be exciting, sometimes new vehicles don’t work properly or there’s a “learning curve” getting accustomed to it.

A new car can need repairs. The vehicle may be so different than the car or truck you previously owned. It may have a feature or features that while improving the safety of the vehicle may provide some nervousness when you’re learning the car or truck’s nuances.

The 2023 Nissan Frontier will be the debut of the pickup's third generation, a new car for a new generation.
The 2023 Nissan Frontier will be the debut of the pickup’s third generation, a new car for a new generation.

Fortunately, there are several ways to ensure the vehicle is operating properly and help a new owner get comfortable operating it.

Here are some new car owner tips to consider:

Take It For Repairs

If your new car is problematic, return it to the dealership where it was purchased for repairs. The dealer can repair, suggest other business to repair it or the work can be done by a preferred mechanic. Be certain to understand what needs to be done before the repairs start.

The exact diagnosis may not be possible to know prior to the repair, but a general idea, such as ignition issue, is important to know before a mechanic starts to the repair.

Look At Your Warranty

If you’ve bought a new car recently, it’s likely still under warranty. This means you can get any manufacturer’s faults fixed without having to pay for the repairs.

But you need to know what your warranty says and what types of repairs it covers before you take action. Make sure you take a look at your warranty and take the time to read it through so you know what it says. It should tell you what kinds of faults are covered and for what period. How repairs should be undertaken should also be in the warranty.

Check The Law

You should make sure that you know the consumer law that pertains to vehicle purchases.

The 2023 Ferrari Purosangue, the supercar's first SUV, is scheduled to debut as a new car in July 2023.
The 2023 Ferrari Purosangue, the supercar’s first SUV, is scheduled to debut as a new car in July 2023.

As well as general consumer law, you should take a look to see if there is a relevant lemon law that applies in your jurisdiction.

Lemon laws are designed to provide consumer protection for new vehicles with faults so that you can return them for a replacement or get a full refund if your new car isn’t working.

These laws typically apply to new cars, where it is more obvious that a fault may be a problem with the manufacture of the vehicle. However, they can sometimes be relevant for used cars, especially those that have minimal “wear and tear” and may still be under warranty. To return your new car for a replacement or refund, you may be required to have attempted several repairs first.

Get Some Practice

Sometimes a new car gives you trouble not because there is a fault with it but because you’re not used to driving it. Your new car might be a lot bigger or smaller than your old one. Maybe you’ve switched a manual for an automatic transmission or vice versa, or your new car just has some features that your old one didn’t have. Whatever it is that you’re not yet comfortable with, it may only take time before you feel like your new car belongs to you. Getting some practice can really help. Plan some trips just to get used to your new car so that you feel more comfortable behind the wheel.

Consider Some Lessons

If driving on your own isn’t really helping you feel more comfortable in your new car, consider driving lessons. Getting a driving instructor to take you out in your own car can help you to understand how to operate it more smoothly and safely.

The instructor can provide professional advice and on what you might be getting wrong. Alternatively, you could take a friend or family member you trust while driving the vehicle the first few times. It could help build your confidence.

Get Used To The Size

One of the biggest challenges of getting a new car is adapting to its size, particularly if it’s significantly larger or smaller than your previous vehicle. Seating positions in a new car can also take practice. Again, driving practice can help the owner of a new car adapt to its dimensions as well as seeing and viewing differences.

Make Some Adjustments

The differences in cars will likely require you to make adjustments. And it may just be simple fixes, such as adjusting the seat and rear-view mirror. It’s likely the same as what you may have done periodically in your previous vehicle. And even slight adjustments can make a major difference in how you feel in your new vehicle and how safe it is to drive.

Consider if any updates or modifications in your car would help your comfort level, from a suspension upgrade to a new entertainment system.

Prepare Yourself for Trips

When you’re getting used to your new car, make sure you’re prepared before you get in the driver’s seat. This includes having any essentials you might need for a successful trip, from sunglasses to emergency supplies.

When you’re well-prepared, you can feel much more confident. Think about what you need for different trips, taking into account the driving environment, length of the drive, and other factors that can make a difference.

Rethink Your Purchase

If you’ve tried all of this and feel like your new car still isn’t right for you, you might want to consider rethinking your purchase. Of course, it can be complicated, especially if you financed its purchase.

If your car is faulty, you might be able to return it for a refund. However, if you simply want to sell it, you will have to make sure any financial plan is repaid before you can find a buyer.

Experiencing problems with your car isn’t what any buyer wished to do. But if the vehicle isn’t working properly there are multiple ways to solve the problem.

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Article Last Updated: July 27, 2023.

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