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#229, Tracy Broshar embraces three-wheel motorcycles

Tracy Broshar began riding motorcycles at age 19 but she hadn’t ridden for years out of respect for her partner’s wishes. When her partner died three years ago and the effects of Covid-19 hit, Broshar “felt lost.”

“I kept thinking, ‘what can I do to get myself out of this,’ ” the resident of Sacramento recently explained. “I know I couldn’t ride two-wheelers anymore because I needed a knee replacement. I started looking online and I found the three-wheelers and history was written.”

Broshar, 63, now a passionate rider and advocate of three-wheel motorcycles, is our guest on this episode of The Weekly Driver Podcast.

Tracy Broshar of Sacramento began riding three-wheel motorcycles in her 60s.
Tracy Broshar of Sacramento began riding three-wheel motorcycles in her early 60s.

Co-host Bruce Aldrich and I talk with the rider (she’s a close neighbor in East Sacramento) about her experiences on her Can-Am Spyder, a three-wheel, 1,300 cc motorcycle manufactured by Can-Am Motorcycles, a division of Bombardier Recreational Products.

Three-Wheel Motorcycles: Confidence Builder

“It’s a very comfortable fit; it kind gives you a little bit of self-confidence if you haven’t ridden a two-wheeler before,” said Broshar. “They are independent suspension so you’re not going to roll over on them like the old three-wheel bikes, so it’s a much more comfortable ride.”

Unlike driving a two-wheeler, Broshar says she has more control on the road when riding three-wheel motorcycles. They  have a single rear drive wheel and two wheels in front for steering.

“One thing I’ve noticed is that the car people like us,” she said. “I have more people wanting to stop and talk about it. I even have young men going by with their thumbs up.”

Broshar, who sold her first-three-wheeler her now riding partner, upgraded to the Can-Am with cruise control. She uses her vehicle on weekend trips and she’s driven round-trip from Sacramento to Missouri. The woman who purchased Broshar’s first bike had never ridden a two-wheel motorcycle and she became a three-wheel enthusiast at age 65.

Three-Wheel Motorcycles: Road Comfort

Please join Bruce and me as our guest explains the comfort of riding a three-wheeler and shares many of her experiences. She’s ridden to Oregon and nearly across the country on Route 66. She rides in small groups but also enjoy solo travel.

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