#228, Newport Auto Museum artist David Lloyd Glover

James Raia

David Lloyd Glover is a prominent Southern California artist who specializes in automotive art.

David Lloyd Glover, a former newspaper illustrator who has worked as a full-time artist since 1969, created the auto museum artwork in the showrooms of vehicles and architecture in the Newport Car Museum.

A week after Gunther Buerman, visionary and founder of the museum was our guest on The Weekly Driver Podcast, Lloyd Glover joined the podcast to discuss his collaborations with the auto museum.

A long-time vintage car collector, Lloyd Glover works often with translucent watercolors using the classic British technique. His work has been featured in numerous galleries in the United States and internationally. He works in a studio in Pacific Palisades in Southern California overlooking Malibu Beach.

David Lloyd Glover is known for the oversized creations including many examples on display at the Newport Auto Museum.
David Lloyd Glover is known for his oversized creations including many examples on display at the Newport Auto Museum.

With the museum’s specialty of mixing automobiles with architecture and art, Lloyd Glover was the ideal artist to add his creativity as a complement to the 85 vehicles on display.

Auto museum in Rhode Island features cars and art

Co-host Bruce Aldrich is on vacation this week, so I interview the artist about his long career, his interest in vintage cars and his work with the Newport Car Museum.

“People who love automotive art generally are people who can’t afford the real thing,” says Lloyd Glover. “The car I have created as a piece of art, say it’s a Cobra or a Ferrari, or whatever, it’s certainly out of everyone’s grasp, especially these days.”

Often described as a “vivid impressionist painter,” Lloyd Glover’s work at the auto museum helps better tell the story of eight decades of automotive design and history.

David Lloyd Glover has many examples of auto museum artwork at the Newport Car Museum in Rhode Island.
David Lloyd Glover has many examples of auto museum artwork at the Newport Car Museum in Rhode Island.

“I started being a car nut back in the 1960s,” he says. “In those days, a decent sports car was actually very affordable. I started collecting when I was very young. I got in with another collector friend of mine who happened to have a full auto shop, so that helped.

Auto Museum: What was once cheap, now isn’t

“We would buy sports cars inexpensively, which would include Mustangs and Chevelles, cars that were performance cars and muscle cars. They were inexpensive in those days; they are not anymore.”

Lloyd Glover, who was contacted by Buerman, is known for his oversized works, some as large as 10’ X 20’. Additional examples at the Newport Car Museum, include the Fin Car Gallery’s “Marilyn (Monroe) and Joe (DiMaggio)” placed behind a bright-red 1959 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible located in the Corvette Gallery’s powerful C6-R in race mode.”

Please join me for an entertaining podcast episode as the renowned artist details his art career, including one of his combined passions of automobiles and automotive art offered in the famous auto museum located just outside of Newport, R.I.

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Article Last Updated: May 30, 2022.

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