#216, Arôme d’Art: A new way to make your car smell good

James Raia

It seemed odd at first to see the booth for Arôme d’Art at the Unveiled Expo at the recent Consumer Electrics Show in Las Vegas. Diffusers aren’t new, but the product and the approach to the distribution of fragrances in homes and offices — and in cars and trucks — is new.

It’s called  a “Multisensory CleanAir Fragrance System.”

Doug Patton, CEP of Patton Design, the consulting industrial design firm and inventor of Arôme d’Art, a new defuser that combines natural aroma and natural essential oils and art, is our guest on this episode of The Weekly Driver Podcast. #216, Arôme d’Art: A new way to make your car smell good 1

“All these things that you buy for fragrance in the store, including to put in your car is probably about 20 percent solvents,” says Patton. “So what you are doing, you might as well inhale unleaded gasoline. It’s horrible. We decided we wanted to go with all-natural fragrances.”

While home use was the original idea, Arôme d’Art is expanding. For automobile use, Patton says, the defuser can “fill the entirety of your car of less than 30 seconds.”

The company displayed different manufacturers’ logos as  the removal top covers of the diffuser.

“It took about a year or a year and a half to blend all the fragrances,” says Patton. “Many people may know, like wine, fragrances are divided into top, middle and bottom notes. It was an experience creating these innovations.

“In all of the focus groups we’ve had with perfumists across the nation, there are rave reviews of these rare fragrances we decided in is fragrances from these countries of their origin, so we have France, Spain, Greece and China.”

Please join Bruce and me as we discuss with Patton the product and its uses with an emphasis in cars and trucks.

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Arome d'Art defusers are available in numerous varieties.
Arome d’Art diffuser are available in numerous varieties.

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Article Last Updated: February 15, 2022.

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