NVIDIA reveals AI solutions including autonomous driving

Michael James

Jensen Huang recently announced a series of new AI solutions in several areas including autonomous driving

During the recent GTC Fall 21 keynote address this morning, NVIDIA Founder and CEO Jensen Huang announced industry-transforming AI and accelerated computing solutions to address the world’s toughest problems, including autonomous driving.

Here are the highlights of the address:

Omniverse Replicator for DRIVE Sim – An engine for generating synthetic data with ground truth to train AV perception networks. Synthetic data has proven to be an incredibly effective tool in accelerating AV development.

Now using Omniverse Replicator, DRIVE Sim produces hard/impossible ground truth that humans can’t label, such as velocity, depth, occlusion, severe weather conditions and edge cases.

NVIDIA announced a slew of new AI solutions.

DRIVE Concierge & DRIVE Chauffeur – Two new AI platforms dedicated to removing the stress and hassles of daily driving. DRIVE Concierge offers vehicle occupants access to intelligent services always on, using NVIDIA DRIVE IX and Omniverse Avatar for real-time conversational AI for recommendations, alerts, vehicle controls and more. DRIVE Chauffeur, based on the NVIDIA DRIVE AV SDK, handles highway and urban traffic.

NVIDIA: New goals for 2024? Full Self-Driving

DRIVE Hyperion 8 – Our production-ready computer architecture and sensor set designed to accelerate the deployment of full self-driving systems, targeting 2024 production vehicles.

Featuring a qualified sensor suite from leading suppliers, Sony, Luminar, Hella, Continental and Valeo – this open, flexible platform allows developers to test and validate their technology on the exact hardware that will be on the vehicle—speeding development time while lowering cost.

Parking with DRIVE Concierge and Omniverse Avatar – NVIDIA DRIVE Concierge redefines not only the in-vehicle experience, but also makes the onerous task of parking easier to handle. With advanced intelligent summon capabilities, the platform delivers seamless drop-off and pick-up experiences.

DRIVE Mapping – Our latest mapping solution combines NVIDIA and DeepMap technology for a high-definition solution that enables both survey and fleet mapping. DRIVE Mapping performs robust AV mapping and localization, which is imperative for an AV to safely locate itself anywhere in the world.

DRIVE Orin Design Wins – Baidu, Kodiak Robotics, Lotus, Plus, QCraft and WM Motor join global automakers such as Mercedes-Benz and Volvo Cars, and EV upstarts like NIO, as well as tier 1 suppliers, software startups, sensor makers, robotaxi companies and more, developing on the high-performance compute of NVIDIA DRIVE Orin.

To register for the keynote speech and listen more than 40 additional auto sessions on-demand visit: nvidia.com.

Article Last Updated: November 11, 2021.

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