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#79 Autonomous future featured at GPU Technology Conference

The Chinese electric car XPENG was part of the recent GPU Conference in San Jose.

The huge truck cab couldn’t have been any more conspicuous. It dominated the back of the main showroom at the recent GPU Technology Conference in San Jose, California, and attracted plenty of attention.

The all-electric prototype from TuSimple is aimed at providing cheaper, more-efficient long-hauling trucking. TuSimple, with offices in China and the United States, is among numerous startups working to automate parts of the long-haul trucking and parcel delivery industries.

The Chinese electric car XPENG was part of the recent GPU Conference in San Jose.
The Chinese electric car XPENG was part of the recent GPU Technolgy Conference in San Jose.

As part of the technology, semi-trucks would be allowed to operate beyond the 11-hour daily restriction for human drivers.

Bruce Aldrich and James Raia, co-hosts of The Weekly Driver Podcast, interview with Xiaodi Hou, the chief technology officer of TuSimple, as our second guest on our latest episode. With another company representative, we conduct the interview inside the cavernous TuSimple cab.

We discuss the future of the autonomous truck industry and the company’s experiences testing its technology.

During the episode, all recorded at the conference held at the San Jose Convention Center, will also speak with Robert Liu of XPENG Motors and first guest Cameron Gieda from AutonomouStuff.

Liu is the director of program management for the Chinese electric vehicle and technology company based in Beijing but with an office in San Jose.

Gieda, the regional sales manager of the AutonomouStuff, discusses the San Jose-based company’s position as a supplier R&D platforms, products, software and engineering services for the advancement of robotics and autonomy systems.

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