Holiday gifts for drivers, car-camping mattresses to kayaks

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Stranded travelers forced to sleep in their cars many experience wondrous spirit-of-the-adventure memories. They might also endure near catastrophes best forgotten.

Luno believes its car air mattresses add joy to the appeal of “roughing it.”


The Luno air mattress add comfort drivers sleeping in their cars.
The Luno air mattress adds comfort to drivers sleeping in their cars.

Air mattress options suitable for 42 car brands and in more than 2,000 configurations are the company’s forte.

Luno started about five years ago when company founders decide to save money while skiing on Mammoth Mountain. They slept in their Subaru in makeshift accommodations.

Holiday Gifts For Drivers: Car-Camping

An idea was born: To make the next car-camping trip more comfortable with high-end comfort. The Luno Mattress 2.0 is the company’s latest offering, and it’s an ideal holiday gift.

Made from 300-denier (fiber thickness) Oxford fabric, the Luno redefines versatility. Each mattress is designed for two people as tall as 6-feet-2 inches and it can hold as much as 600 pounds. Its signature is its puzzle-piece fit.

The mattress has two joined “air chambers.” Inflate one side or both with the included air pump in five minutes. The company reports “no cursing required.”

Luno makes custom-fitted sheets. A repair patch kit and a one-year factory warranty are included. A lifetime warranty is optional for an additional cost. $329.99. Visit:

Holiday Gifts For Drivers: Folding Kayak

Here are three other holiday gift ideas for automotive enthusiasts:

* Space is often at a premium for outdoor enthusiasts. There’s so much to pack and only so much room. The Index Explorer K2 is a compact, versatile and streamlined kayak that helps ease the space load in wagons, SUVS and campers.

A foldable kayak is a unique holiday gift idea for drivers.
A foldable kayak is a unique holiday gift idea for drivers.

Bright yellow and emblazoned with sport-oriented graphics, the Index Explorer is made from vinyl and has an inflatable I-beam floor.

A removable stern provides directional stability and the kayak has two adjustable, inflatable seats with backrests. A grab line and grab handle are located at each end. Two 86-inch aluminum oars, an Intex high-output easy-to-use pump, U.S. Coast Guard I.D. and a repair patch kit are included.

Holiday Gifts For Drivers: Compression Socks

The convenience factor? The kayak’s deflated dimensions are 13.5 x 23.12 x 16.25 inches, all nice and tidy in a 35-pound carry bag.

When inflated, the watercraft expands to 10 feet, 3 inches, x 3 feet x 1 foot, 8 inches. The maximum weight capacity is 400 pounds. $239.99. Visit:

* People standing for many hours, recovering patients and frequent fliers rely on the benefits of compression socks. They’re also good idea for drivers.

Copper-infused compression socks are a practical gift idea for drivers
Copper-infused compression socks are a practical gift idea for drivers

When infusing copper into compression socks, proponents believe there are several benefits. The combination of the gradual compression, wicking action from the fabric and antibacterial properties of copper offer improved circulation. The combined support is more beneficial than regular socks or compression socks alone.

Holiday Gifts For Drivers: Sunglasses

Copper Compression offers several styles for men and women. The New York-based company also offers numerous other copper-infused products, knee braces to elbow supports.

Compression socks are usually available via compression measured by millimeters of mercury, mild to moderate and between 8 and 20 mmHg. $20-$32. Visit:

* Vehicle technology is ever-advancing, but it has drawbacks. Navigation systems and other infotainment visuals aren’t always legible with polarization and other eyewear features.

BMW sunglasses have a special polarization filter and are ideal for drivers.
BMW sunglasses have a special polarization filter and are ideal for drivers.

The new BME Eyewear Drop Collection is optimized with a polarization filter. It allows clear views of LCD screens and instruments in the cockpit.
Developed by Dalloz Creations, the sunglasses are integrated with Vi/ON lenses. They reduce the polarization filter and protect against intense glare.

A wide range of modern and easy-to-wear men’s and unisex models are available and are offered with the BMW community and followers in mind.

They’re sunglasses for drivers. Styles range from sporty to youthful, with racing-inspired, color-block combinations and dynamic profiles. $139-$219. Visit: receives a commission from products purchased via Amazon links in posts.

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