7 ways to make your used car last longer

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If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to make your used car go the extra mile, there are plenty of options that won’t break the bank.

From ordering new tires online to fixing the upholstery, you can make your used car look fresh again. Here are seven affordable ways to make your pre-owned vehicle look great:

1. Add Sound Matting

Older cards can frequently begin to vibrate to an unpleasant degree, but you can dampen the sound to make your riding experience more enjoyable. Sound matting usually means adding a rubber material to your car, which does double duty as insulation and a sound-reducer. This is an addition that makes an obvious improvement to your daily commute.

7 ways to help make your used car last longer
7 ways to help make your used car last longer

2. Buy New Tires

The treads on tires get worn down, making your drive more dangerous and hurting your fuel economy. Getting new tires will not only help your car run better, but you will feel safer knowing you have better traction in all types of weather conditions. Now you can order tires online, so you are no longer limited to what is available at your local tire shop.

3. Replace the Upholstery

Car upholstery in a used car has usually been through a lot, and stains, smoke smells, and other unsightly blemishes can be unpleasant to look at. Thankfully, replacing the upholstery in your car can be reasonably affordable. Check out your local auto shop’s selection, and be sure to compare the prices of types of fabric that look and feel great at a lower price point.

4. Cover Your Headlights

If you don’t like the way your car’s headlights look, or you want to protect them, adding headlight covers is a great choice. You can often do this yourself, and your vehicle will have a fresh look in no time.

5. Get Interior Lighting

Many luxury cars have interior lighting beyond the typical overhead lights. You can buy lighting kits in various colors that add a great ambiance to your vehicle’s interior. This is another upgrade that you can potentially tackle yourself.

6. Upgrade Your Windshield Wipers

Beyond replacing your windshield wipers when they begin to wear down, you can add new wipers to your car that look more creative than the manufacturer’s standard wipers. Try matching the colors to your interior for a cohesive look.

7. Improve Your Tail Lights

You can cover your tail lights in a similar way to your headlights, but you can also add LED lighting to the exterior of your car for a more dramatic look. Make sure to look into your state’s laws on required colors and lighting visibility, so you don’t get pulled over.

Upgrading your car in small ways can be affordable and accessible. It’s important to remember that something functional can also be fun and bring you joy. If you’re new to car upgrades, you may want to consult a professional or start small with minor upgrades that anyone can do. Remember to leave anything that affects the function and safety of your vehicle to a mechanic.


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Article Last Updated: September 22, 2021.

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