#190, Collector Part Exchange: new global online swap meet

James Raia

Collector Part Exchange is a new online automotive resource.

Chris Bright is a vintage car enthusiast with an empathetic ear toward other automotive fanciers who can have difficulty finding parts for their unique vehicles. Or maybe they have a garage full of parts and don’t know what to do with the load.

To help, Bright recently debuted CollectorPartExchange.com. It’s a modern-day swap meet. As the site is promoted it’s “Open 24/7/365 and spans the globe. Oh, and the weather is always perfect.”

Bright, a competitive age-group cyclist who lives in Portland, Oregon, is our guest on Episode #190 of The Weekly Driver Podcast.

Collector Part Exchange is a new online automotive resource.
Collector Part Exchange is a new online automotive resource.

Co-hosts Bruce Aldrich and James Raia discuss with Bright the idea for Collector Part Exchange and the impressive response it’s received in its short time online.

Collector Part Exchange

“We have thousands of rare, authentic, and remanufactured parts,” the site details. “Plus, we welcome project cars, automobilia, and services too.”

As Bright further explains on the site:

“Time to get real. You’re not using all the parts you’ve been saving, and someone out there needs them. Why not list them in minutes — for free? You’ll have shelf and floor space, and cash – to buy parts you can use now.” Win-win.”

Collector Part Exchange also features a Part Ping. It’s the site’s part locator.

The site’s text explains: “Can’t find what you need Use Part Ping and we’ll see if we can find it for you through our network. The cost? Nada.”

In its brief time online, the site’s offerings have become increasingly varied. How about a 9000cc Marine Motor? Or maybe you’re seeking a 1955 Chevy Body Shell or an original Porsche 356-B Original Speedometer?

Bright explains how Collector Part Exchange works including the key FAQs: It’s free to post on the site and the site receives five percent commission on transactions.

Please join Bruce and me for a lively 30 minutes with Chris Bright. And if you’re considering buying or selling, car stuff, check out CollectorPartExchange.com.

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Article Last Updated: July 24, 2021.

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