Fighting A Speeding Ticket in New York? What You Need To Know

Michael James

Disputing a traffic trick in New York may be easy if your hire an attorney.


Attending traffic court can be frustrating and annoying. The experience of getting a speeding ticket or another kind of citation isn’t pleasant.  The anxiety of going to court. The disappointment of paying the fine. It can be time-consuming and stressful, particularly for someone traditionally employed.

A significant problem is those getting speeding tickets often don’t have the proper information to resolve the matter. For example, there are ways to challenge a traffic ticket before going to court.

Disputing a speeding ticket or another traffic ticket in New York may be easier if you hire an attorney.
Disputing a speeding ticket or another traffic ticket in New York may be easier if you hire an attorney.

Point To Be Noted

When you get a traffic ticket, make sure you address it on time. You can pay your ticket fine online or in person. If you feel you have been wrongly accused, you can take it to court. You can ask the court to fight your ticket or, if possible, reduce the fine.

Whatever you chose to do remember to be prompt in responding. A delayed response can lead to a license suspension.

There are many ways to dispute a traffic ticket in New York. You can challenge the ticket yourself in court or you can hire a lawyer.

Disputing A Speeding Ticket with A Lawyer

When you get a lawyer to fight a traffic ticket, you can easily avoid going to court. You will be required to do only if you’re facing criminal charges. In case of criminal charges, you’ll need to take time off from work and you may have need a babysitter or childcare. If you’re going to attend court for a standard traffic ticket, hiring a lawyer will help the court process go smoothly.

Lawyers with experience should increase your chances of winning since the Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB) and the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) can issue challenging and complicated speeding tickets. A resourceful lawyer will apply their knowledge to the case. As an individual, you won’t be taken advantage of for lack of knowledge.

Experienced lawyers are familiar with the legal process and how to negotiate. They’ve likely had successful strong arguments in similar cases and have strong knowledge of what does and doesn’t work in court. The lawyers also may know different judges’ approaches to traffic ticket cases.

Fighting A Speeding Ticket Yourself

Not having an attorney will be less expensive. Win or lose, there won’t be extra additional charges beyond the original fine you may have to pay. When you contest a case yourself, you can take full control of the trial, presenting the facts first-hand to negotiating in court.

You may be able to reduce a fine or have a ticket dismissed, but a lack of experience can reduce your chances of success.

Installing a “dashcam” is an ideal way to film your driving experiences. Whether you’re challenging a ticket by yourself in traffic court or relying on an attorney, filmed evidence can easily help prove a ticket was issued without proper reason. And it will likely be dismissed.


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Article Last Updated: January 16, 2021.

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