Best New Year Gifts for Car Enthusiasts

Michael James

Car enthusiasts appreciate qualiity New Year's gifts like a new car tied in a bow.


Car enthusiasts are easy to impress. Keep your discussions about, and if you’re going to send them a 2021 New Year gift, make sure it’s at least remotely related to automobiles.

Here are five gift ideas to surprise your auto-loving friend or family member. Make sure to understand their needs and preferences. Check what they don’t have, so you can buy a gift that will be appreciated.

Purchase A Car

Has your spouse, parent, child, or good, good friend been “mooning” over a car you can afford? The festive season is the perfect time to put it in their driveway.

You can purchase the vehicle and register as the owner if you don’t want to ruin the surprise or put the recipient through the inconvenience of shopping for car insurance quotes. Once you’re done with registration and have delivered the gift, you can transfer the vehicle’s title to a new owner.

Vacuum Upholstery Cleaner

Upholstery cleaning is an inevitable task if you own a car. Pet fur, fluid spills, debris, dust and dirt from clothes can contribute to dirty car upholstery.

Car Enthusiasts Like Quality Gifts

Your loved one may have some kind of car cleaner, but is it a professional-level upholstery and carpet vacuum cleaner? If not, then you have found something that will change the cleaning routine of car enthusiasts.

Today’s upholstery cleaners are designed to clean places you can’t reach with your hands. With increased-capacity tanks, cleaners can last for more uses without a refill. The cleaners are handy to have in a vehicle during road trips and long journeys.

A Portable Jump Starter

Car owners can appreciate a portable car battery jump-starter, particularly in winter. The functionality of portable jump-starters is essentially little car batteries with built-in accessories. They can be recharged with standard wall-plug adapters and extension cords and with car USB ports.

Portable jump-starters work similarly to the traditional, bulky old-school counterparts. They include jumper clamps you attach to your car battery terminals and features to prevent reverse polarity. Most portable jump starters also have a flashlight on one end as well as a couple of USB ports for charging your phone.

A Dashcam

Buying a dashcam provides drivers another component of safety while on the road. Available in many styles, many models these days include features beyond mere video capture.

Some dashcam models provide alerts if a driver veers out of their lane or gets too close to the vehicle directly in front. Additional models will notify emergency services if a vehicle occupant is involved in an accident.

Make sure to understand all of the features available in a dashcam purchase. When you know the product, and explain it to the recipient, their safety is further ensured.

Car Gift Summary

It’s often easy to find a New Year’s gift for someone whose interest you know. But if you’re struggling with an idea for a car-obsessed friend or relative, then consider our recommendations.

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